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Pat Feeds the Pigeons

showing us around the town, what else to do but feed the pigeons… and get attacked by a seagull. … pat blute world traveler intern sta travel feed pigeons wti pblute europe birds funny students awesome “travel ideas” “travel guide” scary Venice “venice italy” “st. mark’s square” “st marks square” backpacking “europe travel” “free travel” […]


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Pack Some Fun Into Your European Backpacking Trip

If you are backpacking across Europe, it’s important to pack only the essentials. Even if you are a clotheshorse or fashion guru, it’s just not possible to lug around a ton of heavy bags while traveling on foot. As long as you keep the mundane stuff like clothes and shoes down to a minimum, you […]


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Cheap Travel Insurance: How to Save Big Time on Coverage

When you plan to travel abroad nowadays, you might be totally surprised how abundant cheap travel deals are being offered both online and offline. That is, if you haven’t contacted your travel agents lately or if you have been hibernating in your own country for years or simply don’t feel the need for traveling. Anyway, […]


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MAKE YOUR TRAVEL WORRY FREE WITH TRAVEL INSURANCE   As you plan your next travel experience you should be certain not to overlook one very important detail—travel insurance. Many travelers opt to skip this step in the hopes of saving a little money. What you may not know is that insurance does not have to […]


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What not to Bring Backpacking: Ten Things to Leave at Home

What Not To Bring Backpacking: Ten Things To Leave At Home When setting off an extended backpacking trip for the first time, it’s common for people to bring far more than they need; the uncertainty of what the trip may bring can lead to a mentality of packing things “just in case”, or for comfort.  […]


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