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Who’s the best and worst airline to use to travel to Brazil?

I’m travelling with Iberian airline to travel out to Foz in Brazil , ratings please.


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What is a good holiday destination for a backpacker in the Philippines?


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Have you ever been as a female backpacker in India?

I would like to read about your travel experiences in India. Any dos or donts? Any recommendations?


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台海两岸两会复谈协商圆满落幕! Taiwan and mainland (China) is it negotiate to reply to resume, negotiate achievement rich!


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Happy Patience – Chinese Truck Drivers in Tibet

This video was filmed somewhere between Shigatse and Kathmandu in 2007 I was traveling with my friend Leon from Tibet to Nepal when we arrived at a mountain pass where the road was blocked. Around 20 trucks were stuck in the snow. I was going absolutely crazy with the truck drivers and my camera We […]


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