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1We-TV: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Supports the 1We Football Playground Project for the kids in Rio de Janeiro. Check it out: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro shows the crazy mixed-up world in a city which is balancing on the edge of destruction. Almost half of the population lives in 1400 slums (favellas) which are dominated by drug and weapon […]


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Chinese Soldiers in front of Pothala, Lhasa Tibet

This video was filmed in Lhasa in Tibet last year. I did not expect my visit at Pothala Palace to be like that. Yet I can’t blame the Chinese soldiers. They were but little kids in the search of a better life. Tibet tells many sad stories, Tibetan but also Chinese. Travel Tip: If you […]


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How do i can travel cheap to Lima, Peru or Bogota, Colombia?

Hi! well i just want to know how can i travel for free or paying a low fee to lima or Bogota… ive read something about getting bags from USA to Peru, well i hope you can answer me…. thanks! bye!


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How can I make last minute travel plans cheap?

I want to go away with my fiance on Wed., Dec. 31st, in the early evening from NJ. I want to take a trip that allows us to return on Sunday, Jan. 4th, in the morning. I want to make it as cheap as possible and am open to suggestions. Where should I look? What […]


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Minus 26º Minnesota Backpack Hammock Quest On The SHT

The trip ended being 2 night and 3 days of winter wonder. Every year I realize that when breaking trail in powdery snow that the going is slow especially when toting your goods into the woods. Kurt Papke was an excellent hiking partner … very strong and self-sufficient. I like that in a backpacker! The […]


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