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Mileage Run – the movie

A mileage run is a trip made purely for the purposes of getting airmiles, typically in pursuit of making it into the next membership bracket. In this case, I had Premier status on United and I was 5000 miles short of Premier Executive. I made it on Christmas Day 2004, and I traveled from Chicago, […]


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Lima is a Must!

Backpackers staying in Pariwana Hostel Lima explore the city Pariwana style!


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Kyle HD’s Travel Tips

Kyle HD goes over some of the best travel tip you need to save some money this holiday season!


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Twenty-three-year-old backpacker Omri Lahad (“Kipi”) was declared missing in South America on Thursday, after his family reported not having any contact with him for more than a month. Israel has sent a search team to Colombia, where Lahad was last seen, but so far they have not found any signs of his whereabouts. Lahad separated […]


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C&N TSA Lock Instructions

TSA Padlocks are simple to operate and perfect for airline travel. Learn how to set and change your combination with this video.


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