Cody Lundin Interview Part 1 with Don Harrold

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Gonga Sain – the Deaf Drummer from Pakistan

this video was filmed in Spring 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan About this video: As a little child Gonga Sain had a strong infection in his ear and became a deaf. Yet, today he is one of the best Dhol players in Pakistan and has played all over the world also in Europe. Sufis use music to connect with their god Allah. I was suprised when I came to Pakistan. I also had this stereotype in may mind: Islam, music and dance that does not fit together. Pakistan has tought me different. When I think of Pakistan today the first thing I tink of is music! Pakistan is a great place for traveling. Travel Tip: If you go to Shah Jamal for the sufi celebration talk to Gonga's little broter Mithu Sain. He speaks English very well and is a very friendly and helpful person. Ask him about sufism, I am sure he will be just to happy to give you a little introducion. And if you do so, say hello from Mina Bibi (that's the name Gonga's little daughter Kainath gave me) dedicated to Gonga Sain (Pakistan, 2007)

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Strumstick Traditional Song Medley

Three songs played on a Strumstick: Oh Susannah, Where the Roses Never fade (which I learned mainly from from one of Tinyguitars excellent cigar box dulcitar videos) and I’ll Fly Away (which some might remember from the soundtrack of the Cohen brothers film “O Brother Where Art Thou?”). For people who haven’t heard of a Strumstick (which includes most of my friends) it’s a three string instrument tuned and fretted like a mountain dulcimer, but designed to be played like a guitar instead of in one’s lap. It was designed by Bob mcnally who created the “Backpacker” guitar for the Martin company. Strumsticks and similar instruments are often referred to as “upright dulcimers” or “walk-around dulcimers” by the dulcimer community. This one was purchased for use at the school were I work – it’s very easy for people who never played an instrument before to make up pleasant sounding improvisations by fretting the bottom string and letting the other two drone – since it’s diatonically fretted you can’t play a wrong (out of key) note that way. Learning some chords and a few techniques like slides and hammer-ons really fills out the melody though. This was recorded using a Lumix tz3 still camera (for all it’s excellent features, sound quality probably isn’t it’s forte).

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