Hotels in Kata Beach

Kata Beach is located in the famous island of Phuket. It is a stone’s throw away from Karon Beach and more often than not, more families choose to stay in the charming bay of Kata because of its wholesome ambiance.

Accommodations in Kata Beach are concentrated in the southern part. What makes it quite special is the fact that hotels along this part have direct access to the beach. A guest can literally step out from the hotel to the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea. The northern end is not quite as populated but its high vantage point gives it a spectacular view of the sea.

Located near the northern part of Kata is Avista Phuket Spa and Resort, one of the foremost hotels in Kata Beach. The hotel boasts of 143 luxurious guestrooms that are the epitome of elegance and understated lavishness. Each guest room faces the beach, ensuring a great view of the crystal blue water of the Andaman Sea.

Guest rooms have all the high-tech gadgets and convenient amenities of modern living. The design of each room is in complete synch with the vista. All rooms are bright and cheerful, which is conducive for a great stay at the resort.

Avista Spa and Resort have four standard rooms for guests to choose from: the Avista Club room; the Deluxe room; the Grand Deluxe room and the Suite. The Avista Suite is unique as it has a jacuzzi right in the bedroom where you can literally soak in the tub as you look at the expansive and beautiful view through the glass door. It has a receiving and living area spacious enough to accommodate four to six persons. As each guest room has a balcony, you are afforded a panoramic view of Kata Beach once you step out into it.
Service is excellent. No guest will feel unattended as Avista staff is attentive to each guest’s needs. Avista Phuket Resort and Spa has facilities and restaurants for guests to enjoy. Truly there is no better place to call “home” when in Phuket.

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John Mayer Left Twitter: Where Does His Account Go Now?

U.S. Musician John Mayer

U.S. musician John Mayer performs at May 2010’s Rock in Rio Music Festival in Lisbon

REUTERS/Jose Manuel Ribeiro

The pop star’s sudden move left his 3.7 million followers waiting on the world to change.

Monday’s word that John Mayer discontinued his social media account left fanatics in a difficult place. Mayer’s spokeswoman told the AP that the close of his Battle Studies Tour and more in-house studio work were factors in disconnecting his Twitter audience.

With Mayer’s account now in a defunct state, what happens to the tweets that were attached to his page? The Washington Post‘s Melissa Bell analyzes that question, introducing a tinge of black-market mayhem to the equation.

(More on John Mayer in our Top 10 Apologies)

While attempting to buy or sell any username violates Twitter’s user code of conduct, Technology Review reported last May that Russian cybercrime forums were sweeping up batches of dormant pages for cold hard cash.

But Bell asks a business question that strays from the bad. If Twitter allowed sales of large accounts like Mayer’s, could those proceeds go to good causes? Think 140 charitable characters or less, from pages that start out as free promotion tools.

account now

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Cecilia Chang, Former St. John’s Dean, Allegedly Treated Students Like Servants

Former St. John’s Dean of Asian Studies and Vice President Cecilia Chang, fired in June for embezzling about million worth of donations from the university, was charged again on Thursday — this time, for forcing students to act as her servants.

The New York Times reports that Chang was in charge of granting 15 scholarships annually, most of which went to overseas students. Told that they must work for the university in order to maintain their scholarships, students were surprised to find themselves at Chang’s beck and call. According to the New York Post, in a letter of complaint to the university, one student wrote, “[Chang] let me be the housekeeper for her house and give me scholarship…she ask us work 122 days per year per person.”

Among other menial household tasks, scholarship recipients were instructed to deliver money to Chang when she was gambling in Connecticut, drive her son to the airport at three a.m. and help her falsify documents. Chang has been charged with forced labor and bribery.

During her hearing, Chang did not enter a plea. Her bail stands at .5 million and, if she is found guilty of the 205-count indictment, she could be in prison for at least ten years.

Chang’s lawyers contend that she committed no crime.

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cecilia chang

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New Planet Discovered 2010, Gliese 581g, New Earth Like Planet?


New Planet Could Sustain Human Life?

Astronomers have made an amazing discovery; a planet that they believe able to sustain human life. This planet is called “Gliese 581G” and is located in the “Goldilocks Zone”, an area not that far from earth.

Gliese 581G is said to possible have a supply of liquid water along with the proper gravity, atmosphere, and surface to support human life. The planet is about three times as big as Earth.

This planet does not rotate, meaning that one side is always sunny and hot while the other is cold and dark; however, scientists reasons that there should be a belt in the middle which would have constantly pleasant, tee-shirt weather.

New Planet Discovered 2010, Gliese 581g, New Earth Like Planet?

New Planet Discovered 2010, Gliese 581g, New Earth Like Planet?

new earth like planet

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Keys to Cheap Travel for the Frugal Explorer

So you’re planning a vacation to get away for awhile from the daily stress of work and life. You’re looking for rest and relaxation, somewhere quiet and calm and beautiful. You’re planning to see new places and meet new faces. Ah, to travel: it is certainly one of the great pastimes of the world. It can also make our lives more meaningful and open our eyes to what lies beyond what we’re used to seeing every single day.

However, travel does not come cheap, especially if you plan to cross countries and continents. If you’re a frugal explorer, you’re going to have to make some important considerations (like using coupon codes) before you book a flight, a hotel stay, a tour, a cruise – so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about how much you’re spending for it. Here are some great tips for all those who want to know the keys to cheap travel:

Plan – and plan early. This means looking up the cheapest deals and most valuable promotions before the demand for them goes sky high. While it sometimes works to wait and look for last-minute deals, the general rule is still that the early bird catches the worm. So plan and book in advance: that way, you’re positioning yourself to get more flexible schedules and money-saving travel deals. It is, of course, best to make your bookings during off-peak seasons.

Max your miles. Be smart and savvy with the rewards programs that airlines implement. Know the value of the miles you can redeem, do the necessary math, and seek special deals that will allow you to spend for each mile. Loyalty programs are there for a reason – and it’s up to you how to figure out how to use them and save even more money as a frequent flier. Also, find out what you can do with membership cards, such as when you are a member of industry organizations or the army or – gasp! – if you are a senior citizen.

Travel light. This can never be emphasized enough. It might seem like a small thing, but playing the role of the light traveler can save you from lots of inconvenience. You see, moving around with excess baggage can be costly. So pack only what’s necessary and avoid additional charges from the airlines when checking in.

Bid. Yes, I mean online auctions. Although it takes some effort, bidding for travel has its rewards and money-saving benefits. Web-based auction sites like eBay, for example, offer a bunch of cheap vacation packages, airfares, hotel accommodations, and cruises. But be warned: always read the fine print and look out for taxes and service charges before bidding on an auction item.

Take advantage of coupon codes. The Internet has a wealth of information not only on where the cheapest flights are and which hotels are offering discounts; it is also a source for online travel coupons and coupon codes which you can look into to make your journeys all over the world even more worthwhile and financially rewarding.

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