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Asia occupies a quarter of the earth’s land mass, it spans a lot of time zones. Having a single travel guide for all of Asia is virtually impossible. Asia like any other continent, here are basic travel tips for a few of the most happening countries in Asia.VietnamThe country’s recommended tourist spots are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which are both modernized. All tourists in Vietnam, except Thai and Philippine Nationals need a tourist Visa before entering the Country. Health wise, Malaria is prevalent in Vietnam, it would be best to bring with you anti-mosquito lotions to prevent being bit.IndonesiaAside from the usual prohibition of narcotics and deadly weapons, Radio cassette Players are banned in the Island of Bali, which is a prime tourist spot in Indonesia. Any object with Chinese characters written on it, are also prohibited in Bali.ThailandThai people are very religious and very loyal to the monarchy. You would often see pictures of the king around the cities, never make fun of him. The Thai also consider the head as the highest part of the body, whether spiritual or physical. Refrain from touching anybody in the head, and try not to point at anything with your foot.MalaysiaIt’s best to bring light and cool clothing in Malaysia. You would usually find food stands in the cities selling the local delicacies, “teh tarik” a creamed tea, and “roti canai” a type of pancake, are a must try when you do encounter them. Malaysia has many religions, you would usually see, a variety of Christian churches, Muslim Mosques and Buddhist and Hindu temples may be present in each city.PhilippinesThe Philippine has 7,107 islands and islets; beaches are the main tourist spots in the country. There are several museums and Historical Landmarks in Manila, the country’s capital.  Boracay Island is the boast of the country which has white sand beaches. HongkongHong Kong is a key destination for many travelers. It is located in Eastern Asia, near China and the South China Sea. Formerly, leased to Great Britain, Hong Kong was officially returned to China in 1997.  Hong Kong offers diversity in: culture, religion, and lifestyles. Chinese, (Cantonese) and English are both the official language here. So foreigners, who are planning to visit, should not have any problems exploring, and experiencing the culture of this vibrant place; since English is widely spoken here.Hong Kong dollar is the currency in use here. One American dollar roughly equals around 7 Hong Kong dollars.  Hong Kong is known for: its unique energetic vibe, its wonderful food, and beautiful skylines. Hong Kong offers many great upscale shopping districts that rival the high end streets of: Shanghai, London and Paris. But the best places to shop here are the unique shops, and street markets that exhibit the charm and uniqueness of the locality.General TipsEach country in Asia has its own currency, although up-end establishments will accept dollars, there are very few of these around. It is best to have your money changed at the local bank. Some hotels also offer money changing, but usually at a lower exchange rate. Like any kind of decisions people have to make, it is always important to know the area they will be visiting so as to familiarize themselves with the laws, locations of best tourist spots, and the kind of people they have to deal with.Going to a place without having the slightest idea what it is all about is just as bad as going to the wilderness with beasts lurking everywhere and there’s no gadget to protect them.

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Summer Dog Travel Tips

Summer Dog Travel Tips

Summer is the peak time of year where families take vacations are concerned as their children are usually out of school.  Although many families who have dogs will either entrust the care of the animal to their friends or put them in a kennel while they are gone, there are just as many (if not more) that will take their pets with them.  After all, your dog is a family member.  If you are planning a vacation and taking your pooch with you, here are a few summer dog travel tips to consider.

Bring the food and water that they typically consume with you – the food is obvious but you might question the water part of the equation.  Just remember, your dog is used to the water at home because you trust it enough to not be harmful to their health.

Make sure that the lodging you are staying at allows dogs – even some campgrounds today do not allow dogs so you want to be sure that no matter where you are staying while vacationing that your pooch will be welcome. Have soft dog carriers and round dog beds to make sure your pet is as comfortable as you are.

Pack your dog’s leash – this is just common sense since you don’t want your dog to run free in unfamiliar territory – that and there are always dog leash laws in effect in most areas.

A few toys wouldn’t hurt – make sure that you bring a few of your dog’s favorite toys because they will need to be occupied at times when they are locked up in the motel with you for the night.

Make a first aid kit for your dog and don’t forget to take it – you might be able to buy one at a pet supply store or veterinary outlet that’s reasonably priced.

Cover your car seats – it’s not only a matter of protecting your dog from the intense heat when they re-enter the vehicle after it has been parked in the sun for a bit.  It also saves you a lot of clean-up time because the hair they shed won’t be all over your seats. It is best to have Dog Hammock or Seat Cover and dog seat belts to ensure safety of your pet.

Hit the rest stops whenever you can – if you’re on a long trip and are driving hundreds of miles per day, then make sure that you stop often to let your dog go to the bathroom and stretch their legs (especially if they are older dogs).  Additionally, you want to consider taking a cooler packed with enough drinks, foods, and snacks, and then packing lunches each day of the trip so that when you make your midday stop for the dog, you use the stops to eat your lunches.


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Tips For Cheap European Travel

Every year hundreds of tourists across the world visit different European countries and spend a lot of money in traveling. If you are looking for cheap European travel you need to know about some tricks which can ultimately help you to save some money. Here are some ways in which you can avail cheap travel to Europe.•    European rail travel can be a good option in many ways. It connects different parts of Europe, offers very convenient and comfortable traveling and is a way to see some of the best views of the countryside which is not possible in air travel. In fact, tourists need to make one journey at least using Eurail train pass to know how European rail travel is and enjoy such a travel to your fullest.•    You need to make all your reservations and bookings in advance, especially if you are visiting the region during the holidays. Tourist flock European countries in large numbers – hence if you do not make your reservations and bookings in advance, you might face some disappointments.•    Ireland is one of the top tourist attractions – so do not miss out Ireland. You will get several flights to Shannon in Ireland – so traveling is very easy and convenient. Since, you would like to save some money; you need to book cheap flight Shannon which is available at much cheaper rates. The same rule applies here also. If you wish to book flights to Shannon during the holidays, check out the availability and book your tickets much in advance.•    The different Ireland tourist attractions are well connected to one another. Check out the numerous museums, heritage buildings, art galleries, countryside, theme parks and entertainment zones of Ireland during your stay there. If you wish you can avail the Eurail train pass – in such a case, you will have to get in touch with your travel agent who will give you all details about the pass. Eurail pass in France is much in demand by locals as well as tourists because it offers some really cheap European travel opportunities for the travelers.•    Select all your places of accommodation with caution. You should keep in mind certain facts when you are making bookings for your accommodation – check out its room charges, service charges, facilities and location. If the place is not located in a central place, a lot of time will be wasted in moving and you will be spending a lot of money too. Your dreams of cheap European travel will all go waste – hence do not rush while choosing your place of accommodation.•    To make the most of your cheap European travel, it is recommended that you get in touch with a travel agency which shall help you to visit some of the most popular Ireland tourist attractions but which shall ensure you cheap European travel. You will still be able to enjoy some of the best in European travel even if you have a string

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Planning a trip outside Canada? A travel tip you simply can’t afford to disregard

Your holidays are booked, your bags are packed and you think you have everything you need-money, passport, tickets, and clothing for every occasion. What more could you possibly require?For almost 41% of Canadians who do not always travel with it, the answer is emergency medical travel insurance. Whether simply forgotten or deemed unnecessary, the fact is that travel health insurance should be a must-have before you leave the country.When you are away from home even the most minor injuries or illnesses can become a major expense. So while an accident or illness can happen anywhere at anytime, emergency medical travel insurance helps to protect you from the unexpected costs that can come with a visit to a doctor or hospital outside of your home country.Consider for example the following estimates: A stay in a US hospital typically costs about $2,500 Canadian per day. Even more shocking is that if your condition is serious and you require intensive care, it is not uncommon that you would end up paying about $10,000 per day.If you’re not worried about the costs, because you believe your province’s health insurance plan will cover it, make sure you look into your province’s coverage first. You may be surprised to learn that if your province’s health coverage does extend outside of Canada it will likely be limited.For example, if you are an Ontario resident travelling outside of Canada you will be covered for emergency care from a physician but only for as much as that service would have cost in Ontario. And, if you need to stay in a hospital to receive emergency services you are covered up to $400 per day for intensive, complex care. If it is less intensive, the maximum is $200.Why risk it, when emergency medical travel insurance is so inexpensive?There’s a good chance you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your trip. For a few extra dollars, you can protect yourself by ensuring you get the attention you need, when you need it while not having to worry about how your emergency treatment will get paid.The following travel health insurance quotes can be found easily online and show how little emergency medical travel insurance actually costs:•    For travellers aged 16 to 40 years, emergency medical travel insurance is available for as little as $15 for a 2 week trip-or for as little as $26 for an annual travel health insurance policy that covers you for every 2 week trip you take in a year.•    For travellers aged 41 to 55 years, emergency medical travel insurance is available for as little as $15 for a 2 week trip-or for as little as $27 for an annual travel health insurance policy that covers you for every 2 week trip you take in a year.•    For travellers aged 56 to 59 years, emergency medical travel insurance is available for as little as $21 for a 2 week trip-or for as little as $28 for an annual travel health insurance policy that covers you for every 2 week trip you take in a year.Quotes are for single and annual trip emergency medical insurance for a resident of Ontario travelling overseas or to the US.Without emergency medical travel insurance, an illness or injury could not only ruin your vacation but would likely have financial consequences for years to come. Why risk it when emergency travel health insurance costs so little and can save you so much? Not to mention the peace of mind it will give you knowing you’re covered.Don’t leave home without travel health insurance. Compare emergency medical travel insurance quotes online today and get the coverage you need for your travels. It is a travel tip that could save you thousands of dollars.

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