Secrets of Budget Travel for Families: Real Tips You Can Use Before Your Next Vacation

No question, you can drop thousands of dollars on a one week getaway, but you certainly do not have to. If you know a few simple secrets, you can stay within your budget and still enjoy an exciting, unforgettable trip with the kids. All it takes is a little creativity and knowledge.

Here is what you need to know:

Saving on Family Airfare

Airline travel is unquestionably expensive, but many opt to fly over driving because of the time involved, as well as the cost of gasoline. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce your family airfare.

Many airlines still allow children under the age of two to fly free. The caveat is that no seat is guaranteed for the free price. Mom should expect to hold baby or toddler in her lap during the flight. Many times the airline will try to seat families traveling with a non ticketed child next to an empty seat so that baby is not restricted to a lap during the whole flight.

If you do not need much advance notice you can pick up some great last minute online fares. This is often difficult when a parent needs to schedule time off work and the children are in school. However, if you can leave on a moments notice, it is a wonderful, affordable option. Do a Google search for “last minute flights” to locate these rates.

To save even more on airline travel, it really helps if you are flexible with your travel dates. Typically Monday, Friday and Sunday are departure days that garner higher rates than if you left on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. It used to be that you had to stay over on a Saturday to get a better rate, but that is not always the case. Online booking sites, such as Travelocity and Expedia, allow you to play around with different dates and find out, at a glance, what your best option may be. One day earlier or later can save you big on the price of the ticket.

Also, check surrounding airports at both the departure and the arrival city. You may need to drive an hour or two to get to the different departure or arrival airport; however if it saves enough money on each ticket, it will be well worth the drive.

One family in the Midwest finds it much more affordable to fly out of O Hare in Chicago. Yet they live over three hours away from ORD and also do not particularly care to drive in Chicago traffic. They found a win/win solution.

They drive 90 minutes toward Chicago and then pick up a motor coach bus that drops them off at the terminal of the airport. The children ride the motor coach for free and there are no long term airport parking fees either because they left their car at a park and ride. It is a creative way that offers them less hassle and cost less money in the long run.

Saving on Food While Traveling

Recent airline security makes it difficult to travel with food and beverages in carry on bags. However you can place some staples inside your suitcase and check your luggage under the belly of the plane. Peanut butter, bottled water, crackers, fruit and cans of tuna make great snacks when the kids are hungry. You can pick up additional items such as a loaf of bread, once you land. Do not forget to pack a can opener.

If you are driving to your destination pack a cooler full of food. It may be a little tricky making space in the trunk for the cooler; but once you realize the cost savings of not having to eat out every time someone is hungry, you will be glad you brought it with you.

Saving Money on Lodging

You can also save money on lodging. Complete an online search using the words “kids stay free hotel.” You will be amazed at the number of hotels and inns that offer this perk. Also look over their amenities because many hotels also offer free continental breakfast.

Continental breakfast means a variety of things. In some places it means cold bagels, a banana and orange juice. In other hotels and suites, free continental breakfast includes sausage, cereal, eggs, potatoes, bagels, bananas, apples, oranges, juice and coffee. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and nothing like a free one to start the day right!

Traveling with the family on a budget does not mean you have skimp and cut back. It just means you may need to be creative and flexible, and that is what having a family is all about.

Jamie Jefferson writes for Momscape at . Visit today for the latest online Coupon Codes including coupons for discount travel packages.

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Top Solar Backpacks

Backpack is a common need of an individual. In modern times the craze and utility of backpack has not decreased. You could get wide variety of backpacks in the market. These kinds of bags are seen more on the shoulders of toddlers and young children. One can put in everything in bags from books to toys and Tiffin box at ease. In general terms a backpack is the simplest form of bags, a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. You will also find quite different type of handbag which is of light weight and sometimes worn on only one shoulder strap or in the hand like an ordinary bag.

Backpack is widely seen on children’s shoulder. Toddler’s backpack comes in all shapes and size which avails you the best of benefits. Choosing of backpack is really a noteworthy task need to be done. If your child’s physique is delicate or very thin that cannot sustain the weight of backpack then you can opt for light and sporty backpack. And for those children who are sturdy and possess good health they can opt for fine leather quality backpack which are more than a light weight backpack. There are numerous varieties of backpacks available in the market; you just need to judge out correctly.

Keeping a good backpack is very necessary for your spine and vertebral column. If your bag balance won’t fluctuate then you can easily maintain the balance of your body. Many people are used to keep the luggage or load of handbag rest on one shoulder which makes the other shoulder weak to lift up the weight. Above all, this could also knock off your balance at times while tracking or climbing. Any person following this kind of practices would really invite danger or harm himself on a fine day. It is highly advisable to prefer the two strap backpack and with extra strap on the wrist to lock for your safety purpose. In order to keep yourself away form all these troubles you can easily get the traveler or sporty bag. Many backpacks with shoulder straps can affect a human posture if carrying more than 30 pounds.

Firstly backpack was called by different names like rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, book bag, handbag, or Bergen. Backpacks can be generalized into three category namely frameless, external frame, and internal frame. Backpacks are specially manufactured for tracking and business purpose. Backpacks are designed for leisure and travel, professional and outdoor activities. For business class people you can enjoy the advantage of laptop backpack.

Thus, backpack has its own significance because of the magnificent utility it offers. Right select of backpack assures comfort in carrying and relax to your body.

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Cheap Airline Tickets Without Giving Anything Away

Don’t throw away that chance to enjoy your vacation even more by saving with cheap airline tickets. For years you have stuck to making those holiday and travel bookings with the same major airline that has consistently rewarded your loyalty with frequent flyer miles. In more recent times it has become easy to book with the airline online, get your e-ticket, and sometimes manage to cope with the complexity of changing flights, and getting a refund following a cancellation, without ever having to front up at the airline travel desk.

Now you can achieve all that and more while making super savings on the air ticket price. Shopping around on online travel sites is so incredibly easy and with just a little time spent checking out the policies and procedures relating to the site’s service you can make the right decision which will free up more of the budget to use while on vacation. Or just to bring that more desirable but more expensive destination to within your reach. While you are searching and comparing, look through the many vacation packages that come up in promotional deals offered by many websites selling the lowest of airfares. Take advantage of other related services to win with the best value accommodation and rental car deals.

As well as comparing a number of web sites for booking flexibility and the most competitive booking fees, look among the extra features offered for those sites that get you frequent flyer miles as well as the cheap fare. You haven’t had to give away anything and yet you have access to so much more. Some sites offer a low fare guarantee. Many offer low fares you won’t have found on that airline’s site (exclusive deals given out as special web only promotions).

Cheap tickets for domestic air travel or international, online travel sites make sure you find the best price in town without leaving your desk or making a phone call.

Philip Smith is the writer of Your Source of Cheap Airline Tickets online.

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Thai Beach Backpacker Villas In Thailand For the Billionaire Backpacker

Those Lonely Planet-clutching gap-year students are now in their late 30s and 40s and some have progressed to the level of hedge fund managers, law partners and corporate leaders. Cash-rich, time-poor, with families in struggling, what is their dream holiday home now?

Ambitious backpacker villas in Thailand developed on the Thai island of Koh Kood, within sight of the Cambodian mainland, promises to bring back memories of barefoot bliss for former backpackers, coupled with the comforts they have grown acclimatized to in business hotels.

These are holiday homes having prices to get even a hedge fund manager to choke on his pineapple. With backpacker villas in Thailand costing up to $7.5 million, they put sand in the face of other island developments in Barbados and the Seychelles.

Many people who have strung up a hammock outside many an inexpensive Thai beach hut, were intrigued to see these rather more luxurious versions on offer. Residents will dispense with the coconut boat to get aboard a private jet which takes 45 minutes from Bangkok airport. The fourth largest island in Thailand, Koh Kood is one of the least advanced, with three quarters of it covered with rainforest. A few small resorts are already placed into its coves – the exceptional bungalows are $60 a night – but any hint of cheap luggage is placed at a safe distance from these ambitious villa sites.

“Bamboo huts” of these ambitious villa sites are vast 400sq m (4,300sq ft) private backpacker villas in Thailand, built in eucalyptus, sustainably farmed teak, New Zealand pine and local bamboo, attaches with colonial style white pavilions. Each of these “bamboo huts” will have four to six bedrooms, an infinity pool and yoga sala in up to two acres of beach or hilltop land.

The cocktail of glamorous “extras” is enough to overwhelm the senses. You can anticipate in-villa gourmet dining, walk-in wine cellars, private steam rooms and gyms. You will also get treated with a butler service, and $100,000 worth of interior furnishings in the style of Dr Livingstone goes to Louis Vuitton.

But the reality is that bamboo huts are just too costly. However the people concerned at these ambitious backpacker villas in Thailand knows the international wealthy and are extremely confident that they can sell wooden beach backpacker villas in Thailand for $7 million plus. In Oman they argue, beach backpacker villas in Thailand are bought at a price of $15 million. Money attracts money, and the ambitious backpacker villas in Thailand on offer are nothing if not reassuringly expensive.

That said, the people at these ambitious backpacker villas in Thailand do not desire for the bling brigade. Really, they would go for a mix of nationalities: British and other northern European buyers, and limited numbers of Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian buyers so as not to form cultural cliques. Thai beach backpacker villas in Thailand without doubt are built keeping in mind the billionaire backpacker. is a vacation site for real time rentals of luxurious vacation villas in Phuket and Ko Samui, Thailand. Plan your dream vacation in Thailand, faster and easier than ever through with My Asian Villas – Luxury villa rentals in Phuket

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Backpacker’s Gear School: Keep Your Knife Sharp

5 simple steps to a sharp, rust-free blade. From Backpacker’s Gear School in the March 2007 Gear Guide.

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