Backpacker’s Gear School: Fit Your Boots Right

Learn how to buy a pair of hiking boots, and what you can do to prevent blisters, sore arches, even chronic foot problems in 6 easy steps. Backpacker magazine editors Jason Stevenson and Jackie Ney show you how. Learn more from Backpacker’s Gear School in the March 2007 Gear Guide, and at

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Old Joe Clark, The Martin Backpacker and the Egyptian Oud

theFolksinger and Mustafa Said, having fun with an old folksong tune they first played some years ago, using banjo and oud. This time it’s the Backpacker’s turn.

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Travel Tip of the Week-Cruise Related

This week’s travel tip is related to cruises and in particular, what should I consider when selecting a cabin or stateroom? Let me know your thoughts, personal experiences, questions etc. You can also visit my blog where I have more free travel tips and reviews at: Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you like travel and videos related to travel

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AIRLINE TRAVEL & AIRPORTS: Manila to Palau, Micronesia

Here’s a vid of my trip to Palau, Micronesia on board a Continental Airlines flight. This was during the SARS outbreak in 2003 that spread panic throughout Southeast Asia, which led to the sudden decline of air travel in the region. Obviously, I was undeterred! It’s an old vid, taken with a video camcorder and was digitally converted to WMV. There’s a delay in the sounds so just bear with it. FEATURES: -Clips from NAIA -Take off from NAIA on mid day -Continental’s B737 cockpit and cabin …

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AIRLINE TRAVEL & AIRPORTS: Tokyo to Chicago / NYC (Part 2)

Click on “WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY”. The second part of two videos of my travel from Tokyo to New York City aboard Northwest Airlines. This video continues from where part one left off- Chicago O’Hare airport. This video features: -Take off from Chicago O’hare Airport using a B-727 aircraft -Shaky landing in Detroit Metropolitan Airport -A very short clip leaving JFK airport (I ran out of batteries) -Downtown New York -A side trip to New Jersey via Greyhound Bus Lines This is for my travel vid …

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