Vegan Traveler Meal Planning Tips

Being away from home can make business travel and vacation challenging and stressful for anyone who’s trying to eat healthy. This is particularly so for new vegans who are still trying to adjust to a diet without animal products but may have fewer alternatives than usual. However, given the fact that business travel is often necessary for our jobs, and most people enjoy going somewhere new for vacation, at least occasionally, how does the vegan or aspiring vegan deal with eating away from home?

Below are some tips for business and vacation situations:

1. Business travel–Eat as much healthy (whole-grain, low-fat and minimal refined sugar) vegan foods you can at those meals where you have the most control over the venue. For me that’s breakfast, because lunch and dinner are often spent with colleagues or clients, and you’re less likely to have a say over the venue or the menu.

Breakfast buffets at hotels are quite vegan-friendly, and they are probably the healthiest places to eat away from home.

For example:

a. Most salad bars have a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just remember to stick with oil and vinegar dressing.

b. Asian dishes (tofu, vegetable stir fry, rice/noodles, vegetable curry, porridge)

c. Whole-grain cereal (hot or cold) prepared with soy milk. Note that oatmeal is usually prepared with dairy milk if you don’t specify otherwise.

d. Whole-grain breads (check to see whether they contain butter or eggs first)

If you have any doubts whether something is prepared with animal products, just check with the wait staff. And take a few pieces of whole fruit (banana, apple, etc) from the salad bar to eat as snacks later in the day.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to spend all of your meals with non-vegan co-workers during a business trip, be sure to let them know your vegan diet preferences, and suggest restaurants that are likely to have foods you will want to eat, too.

The longer the trip, the earlier you should tell them, as you may find it hard to return to your vegan diet if you fall off the vegan wagon.

2. Leisure travel–Being a vegan, culinary travel takes on a whole new twist. It used to be that going somewhere foreign, you’d probably eat out 3 meals a day. And, if you’re staying in a conventional hotel, often you have no choice. Rather than being at the mercy of the restaurants or room service, I highly recommend finding a room equipped with kitchenette, so you’ll have the ability to cook some of your meals if you cannot find vegan-friendly restaurants.

A refrigerator in your hotel room is also essential for you to store and eat fresh fruits/vegetables. Ask the concierge at the hotel for directions to a nearby market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to carve out room for them among the mini-bar items. Again, the longer your trip, the more important it is to follow this advice.

If you don’t like the idea of cooking for yourself while on vacation, by all means do your research ahead of time so you are prepared to have a vacation that is both enjoyable and healthy. For example, London has a great variety of vegan restaurants, as well as 100s of Indian restaurants that are typically vegan-friendly. Whereas other countries, such as Spain, are more meat-centric (you may have guessed when every restaurant in Madrid is ornamented with cow’s shank in the window and/or hanging from the ceiling). Still, this shouldn’t necessarily stop you if you’re determined to see Picasso’s Guernica.

3. What about times when you’re not traveling far from home, but just have no time to cook healthy? It’s difficult enough for one person, let alone two, to grocery shop, cook, and align their schedules perfectly to eat together on weekdays. Therefore, be sure have a list of vegan restaurants that are convenient to wherever you and whoever you’re dining with may be. Decide how far you are willing to go out of your way to eat healthy, and plan ahead.

It would be great to eat at home all the time, especially when becoming vegan, but as busy people we often don’t have control over the timing or even the location of travel. That’s why it helps to get used to cooking and eating healthy at every opportunity. Then, when you’re away from home, maintain consistency in your diet. You won’t feel like eating just anything, but will be more motivated to make an effort to seek out and plan healthy meals.

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Buying the Best Backpacker Insurance

Traveling in another country is exciting. Meeting new people, discovering new cultures, eating unfamiliar, yet delicious dishes; these are some things you can do while visiting another country.

Of course, there are risks when traveling alone on an unfamiliar country, especially today, where tourists getting mugged is now commonplace. Local authorities can help, but while the authorities can help catch the criminal, they sometimes cannot recover the lost and stolen items fully, and this may pose a problem for the tourist. Accidents, while not common, can still happen and without anyone who knows him or her (the tourist), he or she may have a hard time settling payments on the local hospitals.

Fortunately, there is a way in which you can solve these problems even before they happen. You can opt to insure all your items and possessions by availing the backpacker insurance.

The backpacker insurance “insures” all your items and possessions you have brought along for the trip.

This greatly ensures the safety of your belongings, because if your items have been stolen, or damaged during your trip, the insurance company will furnish you with the needed money. Also, if you are a student out on a trip to research the country’s history and culture, some travel and insurance companies will provide you with a student loan in order to fund your research, or use it to cover for your expenses. This is very useful for students with very limited funds.

Accidents and medical expenses are also covered by the backpacker insurance. Just present your ID and your insurance company, and the hospital will contact your insurance company, which will pay all your medical bills and expenses during your stay in the hospital.

Some insurance companies also offer other benefits besides the two mentioned.

For example,, based in UK, and also one of the largest insurance company in the United Kingdom, offers student loans, over 50 sports and activities with no extra charges, and a free “Home Visit”, in which you can return home during your travels, free of charge. These extra offers will benefit students and travelers alike, so do check the companies’ offers and benefits, they will be of great help to you.

If you want to know more about backpacker’s insurance and its other benefits, contact your local insurance company, they will be more than happy to give you the needed information about their services. Should you wish to avail the insurance, list the needed documents and requirements for applying for one. A valid ID, as well as some other documents proving your identity is usually needed. Payments can be done through credit card payments, or though other means, just ask the insurance company on how you should pay for the insurance premiums.

As you can see, backpacker insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity. So whenever you feel the need to go traveling outside the country, be sure to avail the Overseas Travel Insurance before leaving home, it will save you a lot of trouble.

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Ireland Vacation Backpacking Travel Tips

Ireland is one of the most fondly visited European destinations owing to the beauty and charisma that the country offers. Every year, it plays host to millions of tourists who come here from the several global destinations to relish on the traditional warmth and hospitality of the Irish people. One of the best ways to explore through the countryside and get a better insight into the culture and heritage of the place is to embark on backpacking travel. Yes this particular option means that you could visit the interiors of the place, participate in recreational activities like no body else and at the same time save on money! Yes backpacking that was earlier known only for budget travelers has today become popular with all and people have started to explore this genre, more frequently than ever before.

However, before you start off with your Ireland backpacking vacation there are a few things that you could keep in mind to make your sojourn interesting and better rewarding.

We have compiled for you a list of Ireland travel tips that you could find handy while vacationing in any part of the country. Browse on to know about it all ….

Ireland is richly dipped in history and therefore guests travelling to this nation should definitely embark on tours that facilitate guests a better understanding of the history and the culture of the place. The wild countryside of the place is also coated with age-old histories and backpacking guests could definitely avail of features that throw light on this feature.

To explore through the city, the best idea is definitely to book for car rentals than anything else. These are cheaper and definitely better over all other options.

There are a number of agencies dealing in the same and they surely offer for some of the best deals.

One of the best backpacking travel tips for visitors across all ages is to travel light and easy. Since the climate of Ireland remains cool and pleasant throughout the year with occasional rains it is advisable that guests travel with comfortable clothes and carry a few changes to change into, just in case you get drenched in the Irish rains!

Since you are backpacking, you may wish to drive on your own. While doing so remember to stick to the left side as this is what it is here. Wearing of the seat belt is mandatory for all occupants and just look out for winding roads especially in the countryside.

For backpacking guests there are a number of budget hotels and Inns located throughout Ireland and they offer for interesting accommodation in Ireland which are clean and cheap.

So with these handy tips, hope your travel through Ireland is pleasurable and fun….

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Merits and Demerits of Backpacks


A lot of accessories can tell what a person is like. Is he or she fashionable or traditional inside? Dose he or she like sports or not? What kind of economical background dose he or she have? Backpacks belong to these accessories absolutely. First born into carriers, they now serve as decorations as well. Then what can these traditional bags with a long history really offer us? Are there any unique strong points or unsatisfactory weak points of them? Let’s come and see them through.
There surely are some reasons why backpacks have been so popular all these years. First of all, compared with other kinds of bags, a backpack is definitely a good helping hand in carrying stuff. It divides the weight evenly into two parts, which helps protecting your body from lateral curvature. Shoulder bags may look more fashionable than backpacks, but they post a big threat to human body by enforcing huge strength on only one shoulder. Besides, you are less likely to feel tired when you are carrying goods with a backpack than with a shoulder bag or a handbag.
Secondly, backpacks offer large space either when you go to school or go camping. Several books can fill up a handbag, but not a backpack. Besides, if you go camping, you can put all the camping stuff, such as foldable tents, food, water and emergency kits into a large backpack. It also leaves your hands free, which makes it convenient to take photos when you are travelling or going camping.
Thirdly, putting on a backpack makes you look dynamic in no time. Perhaps this is the reason why so many fashion companies are also making sporty backpacks for young people. With various bright colors and fashionable styles, backpacks are now extremely favored by fashion icons.
However, there are also some weak points about backpacks. A very obvious one is that they can only go with leisure clothes, which restricts their use to a large extent. You certainly cannot wear a backpack to work or to a formal party. On work days, which counts most of ordinary people’s lives, backpacks can only be thrown into the corners of their wardrobe.
Furthermore, all through these years backpacks have not changed much. If you take a look at backpacks in 1980, you may find they look quite similar like the backpacks nowadays. Backpacks’ styles and functions restricted their acceptance of new fashion ideas.
Anyhow, backpacks are classic accessories. Everyone should have a backpack of his or her own favorite style. But remember to wear it on proper occasions.

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Sale Men’s Backpack

If you are a sale man then the bag is one of the most important things for you because you have to always pack the stuffs and go for selling. If you don’t have a nice bag then you might get severe pain in your whole body. Here is sale men’s backpack which is designed in a very smart way to distribute all the loads throughout the body. There are several pockets inside and outside the sale men’s backpack for the convenience to put the small and big objects according to your need. You can find several designs of sale men’s backpack but Vertical Canvas Backpack Bag for Men is one among the bests. Main material used in the formation of this fabulous and elegant quality of backpack is Canvas that makes the sale men’s backpack very strong and durable. It is with nice and fashionable look that includes neat stitching, clean lines and modern design.

The size is perfectly arranged so that there will be enough space for the accommodation of all the required stuffs.

The sale men’s backpack bag enables to increase or decrease the strap length according to your requirement and this process will not take you much time. Since it is well-known fact that bag always creates the problem of sweating but this model of sale men’s backpack is made of such nice and pure quality of materials that it will never create the situation of uncomfortable while carrying it on your back. Moreover, they are designed to absorb sweat if there is any. Some sale men’s backpack are very rough and sometimes it can create scratches on your back but now this time you will be offered the nicest comfort of carrying this particular model on your back.

If you take look upon the price and quality then you will surely come across the fact that you have got more than you have spent on it.

Though this is sale men’s backpack it also can be the best for traveler as it is spacious enough for carrying all the stuffs that might be needed while you are out on travelling. Sale men’s backpack can be accommodating anywhere as it will not take more space while it is collapsed or empty. You will not face the problem of washing it because unlike other bags this sale men’s backpack is very easy to wash and it also dries out very soon.


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