The Jansport Big Student Backpack Defines Style

There was a time when carrying backpack was out of style and thus consumers strongly rejected the idea. Jansport revolutionized the thought of how we have earlier perceived backpack as. With Jansport, it is neither awkward nor un-trendy and old-fashioned. One has functional luggage at reasonable price. In addition, quality backpack such as the Jansport Big student backpack is available, which is sturdy and one that can withstand long rough use and regular wear and tear. Over and above, it simplifies the way one carries luggage to school.

Keeping true to its 40 years of services, there are various features and flexibilities that have been included into the item to turn it friendlier. The shoulder straps used for carrying the luggage is designed with high quality EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam. Moreover, to fit to the users body contours, the strap is in form of an ‘S’.  This ensures low compression over the shoulder and even if someone is carrying huge amount of weight within their Jansport Big student backpack, they would not be able to feel it.

In addition, two large main compartments are there so that other than stuffing the bag with huge number of books, one can carry additional belongings and keep them separately.

From time to time, certain essentials need to be handy. For this, one need not necessarily always wish to scourge into the entire contents to get their hands over a simple pen or lunch box. There is front utility pocket which is useful for keeping things handy. Zippered front stash pocket is also present so it’s convenient when stuffing belongings, which need to kept safe and also handy. This front utility pocket is great for expensive items.

Each Jansport Big student backpack also has back panel, which is fully cushioned. This additional padding helps reduce any difficulty for the user, when carrying items or loading the backpack to its full capacity, which is 2099.8 cu in / 34.41L each. This means in the 17.5in height x 13in width x 10in diameter of bag made from 600 Denier Polyester, one can fit large weight and considerable number of books comfortably as well as conveniently arranged them when carrying loads anywhere.  

Jansport Big student backpack is available in range of colors for perfect styling. One is able to maintain unique look and also add to their status. It is also suitable for carrying loads of large size for students who are in colleges or universities. They can do so fashionably. There is no need to be ashamed when wearing the bag. Its handy pockets and partition help keep things organized. One can keep calculator, pens and notebooks separately tucked inside compartment safely and according to preference.

Jansport Big student backpack also has a headphone hole. So, if you are a college student and you wish to carry your mp3 players and such gadgets to listen to music during breaks, you can do so without any difficulty. Superb ease at reasonable price is what is promised from this brand of backpacks. The weight is evenly distributed in such ergonomically designed student backpack which is the reason for its popularity. Above all reasonable pricing also attracts a lot of buyers.

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Cheap Flights To Middle East: A Traveller’s Guide

The Middle East is a place that is rich in history and culture. Their culture and traditions may be different to that of your home country so if you are booking flights to Middle East then it is important that you take the time to learn about your destination. Before you take your flights to Middle East, take the time to read about the place you will be visiting.

If you booked flights to Middle East, it is important that you know a little about its geography. The Middle East is made up of three continents. The Arabian Peninsula is where Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are located. Also part of the Arabian Peninsula is Turkey which is already in Europe. The Western part includes Egypt which is also considered to be a part of the continent of Africa. Farther on the west tip is Iran which is separated from Egypt by Jordan, Iraq and Israel.

Once you step off your flight to Middle East, the first thing that you will do is to go sightseeing.

While you are touring around the city and admiring the historic structures, it would be very helpful to know a little something about their history. Historians believe that the first civilization was in the Middle East that started in 3500 BC. The first civilization was created in Mesopotamia by the Assyrians and the Babylonians. The site where Mesopotamia was located in the ancient times is now called Iraq.

One of the reasons why many tourists choose to book flights to Middle East is its rich history and culture. This is very evident in the many historic and cultural sites scattered all over the Middle East. A few of the oldest structures in the entire world can be found in the Middle East such as the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. If your sole reason for booking flights to Middle East  is to see the Pyramids then it is well worth it because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience to be able to gaze upon these great structures in real life. The Pyramids are in fact the only structures left from the original list for the Wonders Of The World. The Petra, a temple carved out on the rocks inside a valley in Jordan is also another reason why you should book flights to Middle East . The Petra is a structure that is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site and also one of the great Wonders of the World. One of the main reasons why tourists book flights to Middle East is to see the historic and religious sites found in Jerusalem. The Middle East is also the location of the city of Mecca which is considered to be the holiest place by Muslims. However, this is a city that only Muslims can enter.

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Book Airline Tickets Online

What you look for when you try to book airline tickets? Do you want the most convenient dates and timings along with the lowest fares? These two aspects remain the first priority of most tourists with the exception of those few who can afford paying huge wads of money for premium seats. Online booking has become the norm in recent years. The trend has been around for almost a decade and its popularity has become so evident that now at least half of all bookings are done over the internet.

The popularity of online booking has resulted in the springing up of hundreds of travel websites and almost all of them offer some discounts. There are however certain issues faced by people. They are concerned about the validity and extend to discounts available on these websites along with the genuine booking procedures. Phony websites are aplenty so you have to tread very carefully while making a booking.

There are certain tricks that you can use to get the best discounts. The first thing that you can do is to plan your trip well in advance. Except for the emergency trips or business meetings, most people have a vague idea in their mind about the time when they will be free from their work and can take a vacation. You can also make plans around that time if you reconsider your engagements and work routines. This will give you plenty of options to book in advance instead of a hurried and rushed booking that will most likely result in extra payment, not any discounts.

You can simply avoid this debacle by planning in advance. There is no need to book for months in advance. It is just an advance booking of two or at most four weeks, depending on the time of the year and proximity of holiday season, that you will find some great discounts. The next step in online airline booking will be the selection of seats. This factor alone can add or subtract your savings provided the type of seats you prefer and the traveling class of your liking.

If you love premium classes then forget finding any greater discounts. There is a chance of grabbing a luxury flat bed seat on an international flight if you are a frequent flyer and have gobbled up enough miles on your itinerary. Otherwise, it is the old good economy class seating for you. The advent of low cost carriers might be of some help. You can adjust yourself on an average center seat in the economy. This will save enough money when compared to an aisle or window seat.

Irrespective of the traveling class and seat type, you will still be able to complete the reservation within minutes. The benefit of using online travel websites or the official company websites is great enough that you will forget your old troubles of booking an airline seat. You can also use the websites that offer seat plans and recommend the best seats with greater legroom.

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Finding the Right Backpack For Your Kids

Every year it’s the same thing. The start of school comes like clockwork. With it, comes the inevitable list of school supplies, the need for new clothes (when did those kids grow?) and the search for a new school backpack. In my grade school days, we didn’t have backpacks. No real need. Books stayed at school and homework was mostly work sheets we could carry home. It was high school before we really needed a backpack. The color choices were simple then: black, navy, midnight and the occasional red. Now there are so many colors and brands to choose from, it can make backpack shopping a real adventure.

So, what are the favorite brands? The North Face, Kipling, High Sierra, Jansport, Jworld and Heys USA are just a few for the back-to-school crowd. Buying a backpack is always an adventure at our house. NMW, the children seem to want a new school backpack every year anyway, even though last year’s backpack is still good.

The major factor in the yearly backpack purchase is quite simply brand, color and style at Irv’s luggage. The words ‘Oh Mom, that’s so last year’ still ring in my head. So, what’s this year’s favorite?

I get to look at the big sellers for the Irv’s Luggage website. By far, the favorite this year is the Jansport Superbreak, white and lavender spots. These school backpacks have flown off the store shelves and out of the warehouse so fast that we can’t even keep them in stock. Wow. A close second is the Jansport Superbreak White and Pink Square (definitely a girl thing). Popular for the guys seems to be the High Sierra Access bag, in black or dark blue.

For our little family, though, it’s a very mixed bag… we have three kids and three schools. It will be quite a year…

The middle school kid, soon to be an 8th grader, is actually leaning away from the traditional school backpack… he thinks it would be cool to carry a messenger bag for all his school stuff. Right now, the choice seems to be the Timbuk2 Messenger bag, largely because it is a laptop messenger bag. The kid no longer carries books as his laptop actually has all the text books loaded, so he really just needs enough space for the computer and what he calls ‘his school supplies’ aka: junk. Maybe he’ll be a little cost conscious for the mom who has to pay the bills. We’ll see…

The other middle school kid has clearly become very fashion conscious. In no time it seems that we’ve migrated from the ‘whatever’ to actually caring about what’s ‘in’ or ‘fashionable’. Now for the girl, mood plays a huge role here… no more bright, happy colors as we have clearly reached the teenage angst years. Last year’s choice was the empire blue North Face Slingshot backpack… largely because it had cool places to put her cell phone, calculator and water bottle. This year’s choice appears to be another North Face backpack…the North Face Recon backpack which a laptop backpack, for her laptop. Fortunately, there are eight colors to choose from, and I’m guessing (given the mood lately) that we’ll opt for a darker color. No more pink backpack, definitely not a flower backpack or even the plaid backpack… at least not in the foreseeable future. I was actually hoping she’d pick one of the hugely popular and colorful Jansport Superbreak backpacks. No luck, though, it’s way too colorful, I guess.

Last, the grade school kid, our youngest. He’s wheeled around his favorite backpack so much last year, that the bottom had to be replaced. The bottom ‘plate’ of this wheeled backpack actually wore off and had to be replaced by repair guys. His choice last year was the High Sierra Fastforward backpack with wheels. Now, let’s remember that as a grade schooler, he basically wheels his lunch to school. Homework when there was any, was largely provided on tear-off sheets. No books, no computer, nothing… just lunch and that’s it. However, for the few times that he actually needed a wheeled backpack for books, it was the High Sierra wheeled backpack was the perfect choice. The kid is not into color, style or brand… he’s about as plain as unlined paper, so I’m guessing he’ll stay with his favorite High Sierra wheeled backpack for next year.

Last but not least is the niece who lives with us. She’s in her final year of college and finishing nursing school. No more school backpack and definitely no bright colors… after all, this is college. Her choice is a leather backpack from Clava Leather. She chose the Clava Leather mid-sized backpack. It is the perfect size, has lots of pockets and is a beautiful leather bag. Most importantly it holds her laptop and, of course, her myriad of nursing tools. This leather backpack will be carried long after her graduation.

Lots of choices, great values and plenty of great brands to choose from… Mom could pick the perfect backpack for each kid in a heartbeat, but then again, I’m not ‘cool’ anymore and the backpack would probably sit in the closet. Guess I’ll just give the kids my credit card and hope for the best.

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How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance for Your Holiday in Germany


While you are booking your holiday in Germany, you will also need to start thinking about your travel insurance. This is something that is a must, no matter how long you are travelling for as it will protect you against a number of issues. Here are some ways to get cheap travel insurance for your trip.

Why You Need Travel Insurance

You may be thinking that you are only going for a few days so do not need the insurance. However, this is where you are wrong. Travel insurance protects you against delayed and cancelled flights, lost baggage as well as medical expenses. You could find that spending just a few dollars on your insurance, you will save thousands if you come down with an illness while away or you have an accident during your trip – you may not think they will happen but you cannot see into the future.

Getting Cheap Insurance

The first step to getting cheap travel insurance for your holiday in Germany is to use a price comparison website.

These websites will give you the chance to put all of your details in once and search many different companies at the same time; they will not only save you money but also a lot of time in your search for affordable prices.

There are different price comparison websites and it may be worth looking at different ones for get a range of quotes. The problem with these websites is that they charge a commission to the insurance providers and have different terms of service; some providers will be able to put that commission on top of your quote with some of the websites.

Once you have the top five quotes, it is worth checking directly with the site. For one, this will cut out the middle man and chance that the commission is put on top of your estimate. Secondly, this will help to offer more information about your holiday in Germany. For example, some companies will base it on the exact amount of time that you are away while others will base it on a range of days, which could lead to costing more money.

Comparing the Quotes

When it comes to comparing travel insurance for your holiday in Germany, you cannot just look at the price. Opting for the cheapest price could lead to you losing out a lot. It is worth checking what the policies are able to offer, especially when it comes to deductibles and medical coverage. You should also look into the details of the insurance to see how to make claims and whether there are catches at any point.

Take some time to do your research into the providers before taking the insurance. There will be others who have used them before and will tell you whether there were problems with getting the money through for the claims. Travel insurance is very important for your holiday in Germany, but you will need to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy insurance provider.

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