Midsize jet for private and executive needs

Compared to ordinary aircraft, jet or jet aircraft is generally much faster since it has jet engines. It can also fly at higher altitudes around 10000-15000 meters and fly over long distances at maximum rate of efficiency. With the special engines, jet can move faster than sound. There are some types of jet, it they are categorized based on their sizes. One of which is midsize jet.

Midsize jet is jet with medium sizes and suitable for longer-range travel like transcontinental flight. This jet is also designed as private jet for private and executive. For some people or businessmen who want privacy, this jet will be appropriate because it offers them with longer distance, speed and comfort. To fly with this type of jet, people can adjust it with their needs.

Since it has medium size, this type of jet can only load less passengers compared to jets with bigger size. Midsize jet also has various types of version like Chessna, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream Aerospace, so the amounts of people which can by loaded by them are different. Generally, midsize jet can load 3-13 passengers. For they who need more privacy, they can choose midsize jets with less passenger.

Although midsize jet can only load some passengers, it has spacious cabin that can make them feel comfort and enable to stand up. The cabin generally has 5 feet and 10 inch in long, 6 in wide and 20 feet in long. Since it is created for executive, midsize jet offers passengers with so many facilities such as private lavatories, luxury leather chairs, galley for food and in-flight entertainment. Midsize jet also has internal and external storage compartments. Midsize jet can fly faster with speed 500 miles/hour and reach altitude of 51.000 feet at maximum. In addition, this type of jet can fly in and out of airports which are not accessible for commercial aircraft with larger size.

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