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for qualified participants. Give Patterson Bell a call at 1-800-371-3923 for more information. Hurry, this is only available while supplies last. Only available for qualified residents in Albany, NY – Tucson, AZ – Winter Garden, FL – Provo, UT – Newark, NJ – Newark, NJ – Austin, TX – San Francisco, CA – Portland, OR. … “air travel” “cheap travel” travel “travel agency” “travel agent” “travel america” “travel deals” “travel guide” “travel hotels” “travel to” traveling travels “patterson …

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American Idol 2009 – Kris Allen Wins !

Over 100 million votes! Kris Allen upsets Adam Lambert in the finals. No matter what, they both will have record deals!Learn more

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Backpacker’s Mini Forge Using Wet Wood

This is a video to show that even though it is tough to get wet wood to burn it is possible. It just takes a little time and effort to get it to work.

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Milat Backpacker Travel

A fictional satire short film mockumentary. An interview with a fictional brother of the Backpacker Killer, who is attempting to redeem the family name by providing a free backpacker travel service.

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Steve’s Travel Tip #3 – Noisy Neighbor contest

Noisy Hotel Neighbor? Great! Just pack and extra roll.

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