Outdoor Retailer Live: Kevin Hagen of REI

Northwest editor Mike Lanza speaks with Kevin Hagen, the guru behind many of REI’s green initiatives. Mike asks Kevin what corporate responsibility means to REI, how they are encouraging more sustainable practices among their suppliers, and what REI plans for the future. Check out all the videos from the show floor at www.backpacker.com/video … Backpacker magazine REI wilderness outdoor retailer Kevin Hagen Mike Lanza OR green sustainability stewardship …

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Travel tips and things to keep in mind about Los Angeles?

In 6 weeks I will be travelling to Los Angeles. This is my first visit to the USA. I live in Canada. Can anyone offer any travel tips, or just little things that I may not think of before we go. Things like, is there taxes on items purchased, inexpensive sight seeing, tips for public transit, those types of things. Perhaps area’s to avoid, and must see places.

Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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Delta airline Travel Cast of Seattle by Mark and Amy

Delta Site Seer Travel Cast of Seattle by Mark and Amy. Delta Marketing sent Mark and Amy to explore Seattle and this is our Travel Cast

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In Argentina… My version of Blackbird by the Beatles

Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina during my trip. I’m playing a Martin Backpacker Guitar. … blackbird beatles martin backpacker guitar argentina

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Cheap Airline Tickets by Yatra Offers

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The website is user friendly and has been developed keeping the needs of the clients in mind. You can navigate easily through the information to make your choices, book and buy cheap airline tickets in India on Yatra-offers.in. In addition to online low cost airline booking, tickets for train and bus travel, hotel rooms and car hire could be done for any place in India or abroad. Availability can be viewed immediately and the team at Yatra-offers.in reverts with confirmations, e-tickets and vouchers by email for your records and use.

The customers have always the apprehension of bookings on international flight tickets, hotels and cabs in other countries whether they are safe and secure or not. But on Yatra-offers.in, the apprehension is laid aside. Yatra-offers.in provides not only the best international flight deals but also makes safe and secures international flight tickets. Same is true for other bookings and services. Yatra-offers.in also reminds its clients to check all terms and conditions before making any purchase on its website.

Yatra-offers.in is constantly updating its services to provide newer and faster amenities to travellers. In that endeavor, Yatra-offers.in now offers its services through retail and mobile facilities, making it more comfortable and hassle free for the travelers. If you have any queries, doubts or confusion in regards to your low cost airline travel plan, simply walk in to a Yatra-offers.in India outlet and let us help you plan your trip.

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