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Backpacking without Frontiers РMochiḷo sem Fronteiras

Brazilian team – Trip to Patagonia (South America) Rio de Janeiro – Puerto Iguazú – Buenos Aires Eber Guny – Backpacker without Frontiers Participe da nossa comunidade no Orkut: … brazil backpacking brazilian south america argentina falls iguazu buenos aires backpacker travel adventure backpackers patagonia mochilao do sul mochileiro viagem alone around the world enjoy life mochilão viajar mundo viajante eber guny traveler traveling …

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If you are flying overseas, what are some good travel tips?

I am from the United States and will be traveling to England and France this summer. I’ve never traveled overseas before, so I would like some tips on traveling that far away from home. Any kind of tips, whether it be tips about clearing customs, airplane tips, packing tips, etc., are welcome.


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Airline Travel Today – Cost cutting for the airline industry has hit the point of laughter (beats crying).

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My friend Nicole is missing in or around Hama, Syria

This in formation in English and Arabic regarding the dissapearence of my friend Nicole Vienneau, a Canadian backpacker traveling in Syria, around Hama … Canadian Backpacker missing Hamma Syria Arabic

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