Willem Harvests Australia

Willem Wolterink is interviewed after coming back from the 2006 Australian Wheat Harvest with harvestforce.

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Valencia 2007 SP travel video

Google Earth retracing our airline travel for the Valencia 2007 Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ

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Mileage Run – the movie

A mileage run is a trip made purely for the purposes of getting airmiles, typically in pursuit of making it into the next membership bracket. In this case, I had Premier status on United and I was 5000 miles short of Premier Executive. I made it on Christmas Day 2004, and I traveled from Chicago, to Oakland, to LA, to Las Vegas and then back to Chicago. All in 20hrs. Very tiring. the movie was made from 300 photos and assembled in Adobe After Effects. Featuring Ghostface’s ‘Run’ soundtrack.

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Lima is a Must!

Backpackers staying in Pariwana Hostel Lima explore the city Pariwana style!

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Kyle HD’s Travel Tips

Kyle HD goes over some of the best travel tip you need to save some money this holiday season!

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