What can I add to this guide to India Travel Tips?

Hi I want to ad some more useful information to this page http://hubpages.com/hub/India-Travel–Information–Tips–Advice Does anyone have links or advice for first time visitors to India?

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volair Airlines

Introducing volair Airlines

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People’s reaction to fear of flying

See more at www.fearofflyinghelp.com – Free online Fear of Flying Help Course created by an airline captain. Also www.fearofflyingbook.com and http

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Any Barcelona Travel Tips for a Young Couple?

Hi, My Fiance and I are travelling to Barcelona in 2 weeks time and we have no idea on where to book our hotel based on the surrounding areas, considering we’re only staying for 3 nights we would prefer our hotel to be located in or very close to a nice area (tourist attractions). Considering we are seeing this trip as a romantic trip away we are open to any suggestions, would the city be nicer for us? or the outskirts of the city (some where with nice views, rivers, lakes etc). Any answers will help, I appreciate it! Thanks!

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Tim Gard – Bluetooth Headsets

I think you should be able to tell if a person is crazy, or just talking on their headsets. That’s just me.

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