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Anyone have a promotional code for airline travel during January?

Any airline is great! I’m just trying to find the best deal! :)

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Cheap travel to London from the US?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good but cheap way to get to England. A flight will cost us about $1,000.00 or so and that’s just stupid. Also how are Americans viewed over there right now and in the Netherlands area. Thanks for your info.
Twism Christ you don’t know $hit! I hope you got your 2 points for the answer. Would be a interesting thing to watch you come over here and say that LOL! Douch bag. I was just wondering if Americans are welcomed with open arms or not.

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What are the “must see” sites in California for a 21 y.o. backpacker?

I enjoy adrenaline sports but am open to anything. The cheaper the better.

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Cheap travel deals to San Francisco in January?

Anyone know how to get a cheap hotel in SF for two, for under 60 a night. I looked at a lot of places already and anything decent was over 100 a night. Thanks.

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