Any Travel Tips/Ideas for a young couple traveling to Barcelona,Spain?

Hi, My Fiance and I are travelling to Barcelona in 2 weeks time and we have no idea on where to book our hotel based on the surrounding areas, considering we’re only staying for 3 nights we would prefer our hotel to be located in or very close to a nice area (tourist attractions). Considering we are seeing this trip as a romantic trip away we are open to any suggestions, would the city be nicer for us? or the outskirts of the city (some where with nice views, rivers, lakes etc). Any answers will help, I appreciate it! Thanks!

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Cheap travel from Pittsburgh to Boston?

I am trying to travel to Boston from Pittsburgh for the weekend of November the 7th. I need to arrive by Saturday morning and return my Monday morning. What would be the cheapest way to travel?

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When are the 2 biggest travel dates and times that I am most likey to get an airline bounce on?

I am hoping to do a volunteer bounch from an airline and get a free voucher for future travel in exchange for waiting around at the airport. When is the most congested crazy time to travel when the airlines are overbooked the most.

I hear it was the day before Thanksgiving and the 1 oe 2 days before xmas eve, but that is a guess.

Any ideas?

Thanx in advnce

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An alcohol stove built to accomodate a canteen cup

I’ve toyed around with alcohol stoves a little bit over the past few months, but not a lot. I’m not a “stovie,” as I’ve read elsewhere on the Tubes, I’m not a lightweight backpacker or anything like that either, I just thought they’d be fun to play with and use. Since I’m not an ultra-light backpacker or anything, a lot of my outdoor gear is Army surplus. My cookset, canteen and canteen cup are all surplus. They’re all kidney-shaped. Every alcohol stove I’ve seen (except for those that are built into Altoids tins) are round; my pots aren’t. This isn’t a problem by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that the flames would climb up the front and back of my pots was something that just annoyed me. I hoped to rectify this, and found a stove that works rather well. In the video I allude at one point to the “increased boiling time.” This is in reference to the initial tests I did yesterday, which I originally mentioned in the video but my camera ran out of time and so I had to re-film part of it. Yesterday I got two cups of water to come to a rolling boil in 4 minutes and 15 seconds, and a full quart (a canteen’s worth of water) in 8 minutes and 35 seconds—about double the time for double the water. I thought these were pretty stellar results, and 5:35 for water that’s colder is still rather respectable. The stove is made from two 23 oz. Arizona iced tea cans, so it is larger than others. The Hannah Stove I mention (and show) in the video is seen here: The

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Where can I get cheap travel tickets?

I want to travel to Rome, then to Sicily, and then to Marseille, France to visit family next summer and I just wanted to know where I can get the best deal possible…… Also, How long should I wait to book the flight lets say if I wanted to go in june 2010?

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