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Where is a good place for an 18 year old to travel abroad, for cheap?

I am 18 and I would like to travel abroad (volunteer, travel, intern or anything) before I head to college… the problem is finding a cheap program and airfare. I would preferably like to stay for a month in a safe place– like a volunteer home base. Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!

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In a capsule hotel, Tokyo |

Colm shows you his capsule in a Tokyo Capsule Hotel. It’s a tight squeeze but a must experience in Japan. Book Online at

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I am temporarily moving to another country. Can i travel with my computer tower on an airline.?

I am trying to save money by not shipping it. Sometimes stuff gets damaged during shipping and believe me, it has happened to me a lot. Would it cost me extra to travel on an airline or is it a no-no? I can check it as carry-on. Is it possible?

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International Travel Tips And Guide To Driving Abroad

If you are contemplating on driving abroad, it is worthwhile to find out the driving requirements in your place of destination. This shouldn\’t be a problem as this information is readily available online or in your travel guide book. Check if you can drive with just your home country’s driver’s license.

Most countries allow this for a limited period, usually 30 – 90 days from arrival. Some countries, however, require that you secure an International Driving Permit before you are qualified to drive in their jurisdiction. This permit may be obtained from your home country or country of destination.

Be familiar with the traffic rules and road conditions of the place where you are going. You want a smooth ride to your destination and you definitely do not want to be flagged down by a police officer for a traffic violation. When driving on the opposite side of the road, go easy on the gas pedal for a few days. Get used to the experience first before you fully trust your feet to step hard on it.

Prior to your arrival in the place of destination, make sure that you already have conducted a research on the available car rental services. You should have made inquiries already as to the price, type of car and their applicable rental rules and regulations. This will ensure that you will get the type of car you require under reasonable terms. If you have not done so, just approach one of the representatives of car rental companies at the airport – just be prepared to pay the extra price.

Most, if not all, car rental companies provide free insurance coverage. Make sure to go over the policy before you drive the car. If you don\’t think the policy is good enough, take out another insurance policy that will give the kind of protection that will make you feel comfortable enough to drive.

Make sure to get the car rental company’s contact number so that you can easily call them if the need arises. In the event you figured in an accident, got stuck in a ditch or faced with an engine trouble, call the company immediately and request for rescue.

When moving around the region, do not forget to arm yourself with a good road map and/or a GPS. It will help you navigate the roads easily and it is also valuable in finding the local attractions and must-see sites.

If you were a careful driver at home, be even more careful when driving abroad. Safety driving rules in your home country also applies in foreign countries. This means no picking up hitchhikers when you are alone and always make sure to lock all your doors during and after driving.

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