Bangkok Riots April 10, 2010.wmv

After a month of peaceful protests, the Red Shirts and the soldiers have violent clashes, within sight of Khao San Rd. the backpacker haven.

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WorldVentures DreamTrips Testimonies

Kari and Lisha Schneider-World Ventures Travel Testimonial…Cabo Dream Trip 310-466-8584 Official Save on Flights Hotels, Cars and Packages. Travel Looking for Cheap Travel…

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Before the Meeting

This is why I go to AA meetings–I must travel to Florence, Italy (66 miles ONE WAY!) in order to maintain my sanity!! Remind me–NEXT TIME (and maybe from now on) I plan on taking the TRAIN!! Firenze is a COMPLETE tourist trap during Summer. If you do visit Florence, do NOT pay 10 Euro for gelato!!! That is a SCAM!! Always ask “CHE COSTA” first…the price of gelato should be NO MORE than 3 euro. Your Italian travel tip of the day! BUON GIORNO!

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Ireland on a Budget

There’s no doubt Ireland is expensive, and I’m just here to reiterate that it can also be done on the cheap.

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Mekong in South Laos:4000 Islands(Si Phan Don)

4000 Islands(Si Phan Don. Sunrise at Don Det. Somphamit waterfalls at Don Khon near french colonial bridge.

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