Blue Hope Lost

When one of the world’s most famous diamonds has been stolen, it is up to you to find the culprit! But where do you turn when the all hope is lost?

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Nicaragua, Estelí Cigar Factory 3 Boxes

Aug 4th, 2008 An important part of presentation for cigar is the box in which they come. People make purses and use them for all sorts of storage once they have consumed the product.

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Colours Oasis Resort San Jose Costa Rica REVIEW

Colours Oasis is a GAY but very ‘Straight-friendly’ resort in San Jose Costa Rica. Located in the Barrio Rohrmoser, which is just a short cab ride to the middle of downtown San Jose where all the major attractions are located: museums, markets, the National Theatre, shopping, as well as the gay bars like La Avispa, Club Oh, Pucho’s, and Bochinche. Gay friendly restaurants such as Cafe Mundo are within walking distance, and gay saunas are also in close proximity. You’ll want to stay at least 2-3 nights at Colours Oasis to take in all the hotel has to offer, such as the solar heated pool, secluded jacuzzi, a spacious sun bathing terrace, exercise room that doubles as a computer room, a beautiful patio garden complete with exotic birds, and a Great bar where everyone seems to meet for Happy Hour. Check out this GAY Hotel review from D’Angelo and michael alan from Travel Costa Rica NOW and see the many reasons the gay traveler as well as the ‘cooler’ straight travelers would be making a BIG mistake if they didn’t spend a few nights at the Colours Oasis Resort. Formore helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- michael alan’s blog – http Our pictures from around Costa Rica – Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage – michael alan’s gay blog – Lots more travel tips on video by us – http .

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NoDebtWorldTravel com Muy Thai

Muy Thai is the national sport of Thailand and the fighters start out young in the ring. Watch as the youngest fighters test their strength and fighting spirit in the arena in Ao Nang, Thailand!

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Tibetan Buddhism Mahamudra teaching day 1 part 5 of 7

Tibetan Buddhism Mahamudra teaching. I was on a course this lama had in Norway in 1995. This was over three and a half year after i meet buddhism on a backpacker tour that should go to China, HongKong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and maybe to other places. The tour was going to ther countries instead because when we was in China I saw some pictures in my China travelbook from a place with name Tibet and I wanted to see some castles that I saw pictures of in the book. The castles was named temples. I had never heard about Tibet or buddhism this time. My friend did not wanted to travel to Tibet because he wanted to try to find work in Hong Kong for some months because he had heard that it was easy to find work there and earn more money to travel for and then we could travel a very long time. I wanted to see this castle before we go to Hong Kong and we did that and in Tibet we did a bus tour with other backpackers from Yak Hotel. Then we saw a lot of places in Tibet in a 14 day tour with bus. The other backpackers wanted to go to Nepal after Tibet and we changed plans and followed them to Kathmandu in Nepal instead of going to Hong Kong after China. And after we had been in Nepal in one month we travel to India instead of Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. We was in India in over two months and Bangladesh in 3 weeks. In India we travel down to Calcutta first and from there to Bangladesh and back to India. On the way from Nepal to Calcutta we had to stop because

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