Consumer Alert: Is YTB a scam? Your Travel Biz

Is YTB a Scam? Your Travel Biz Your Travel Business yourtravelbiz IATA Drops YTB ? IATAN drops YTB ? Royal Caribbean terminates YTB YTB terminated by Royal Caribbean YTB terminated by RCCL Is YTB a card mill? Here is some straight talk from a travel…

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Video of Friendly Fun Frank’s – Best Hostel in Riga, Latvia

If you want to enjoy Australian friendly hospitality, British quality service or Latvian cultural experiences, then Friendly Fun Franks Hostel will work hard as your personal tourist guide providing local knowledge in sightseeing, museums, Restaurants and night life of Riga.

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Singapore Hotels Rising Rates Opens Doors

Singapore hotels have been continuosly rising their rates and because of this many budget concious travellers are unable to visit this booming economy.This situation has created a need for hotel alternatives especially in the city center. And the pioneering company with a name that fits perfectly,THE HOTEL ALTERNATIVES presents their debut MTV giving you a Sneak Preview on what THE HOTEL ALTERNATIVES offers you in Singapore’s Prestigious Orchard Road. You can also visit their website at for more information and room reservation.

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Last Minute Travel Tips

As with any holiday, there are a number of travel tips that you can follow to make you holiday more successful and exciting. Follow these simple tips and ensure that your holiday on Phillips Island is a smashing success:


·         Avoid travelling to Phillip Island during the wettest seasons in July and August, as the weather may well play spoilsport and keep you from engaging in all the activities that you would like to.


·         Respect the island! Do not litter the areas that you visit and do not disturb the wildlife and plants.


·         Don’t forget to carry some form of acceptable identification. You never know where you may end up going and when you may need it.


·         Always remember to take great care when exploring the island’s lesser developed areas. Many of them have rough terrain and dangerous sea fronts that lash powerful waves on the rocks. You may put yourself in danger by exploring these areas unsupervised or alone.


·         Start your vacation a day before you are supposed to leave. This simple yet effective measure will allow you to have time to finish all of the little miscellaneous items that you may have to do before you leave. It will also ensure that you are not in some sort of maddening rush to finish work and get out of the office,


·         If you need to do any shopping before you go on your trip, make sure you do it well in advance. Leaving shopping for miscellaneous items such as toiletries to the last minute is a recipe for disaster.


·         Make a list of all the things that you need to carry as well as what you need to do. This will ensure that you do not forget anything and spend your holiday stressing about it. People flying out of the country have been known to forget their passports at home so there is no item too small to include on a checklist.


·         Get to the airport well in time. This is something that most people know that they should do, but never end up doing! The faster you get to the airport, the more stress you avoid waiting in long queues. Being agitated and waiting in a long line is no way to start your holiday and sets a bad precedent.


·         Take some time to relax and be by yourself. Even in the airport, having a few moments of alone time can have a big influence on your demeanour. This will also allow you to maintain a positive attitude throughout and ensure that you do not unintentionally snap at the friends or family members that are accompanying you on holiday.


If you are planning to travel to Phillip Island at any point in the near future, the best piece of travel advice that anyone can give you is to explore the accommodation options available and book them well in advance. For more information on the wide variety of accommodation options available on Phillips Island, please visit

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Episode 1 – Anticipation

The Weathered Wanderings Team set out from Melbourne on the beginning of their Asian/Russian tour. After a three years of planning, problems already take hold before they’ve even left Australia.

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