Backpacking: Travelling in Comfort!

It is useful to be able to compare room rates at a number of hostels in your preferred destination. Backpacking can be a wonderful experience. Book a room in a hostel today, so that you aren’t roomless on your arrival.

People from all walks of life and every corner of the world stay in hostels. Backpacker Hostels are very affordable. Expand your horizons – Taking excursions away from your original plan is part of what makes backpacking fun.

Safeguard your important documents and money – Get one of those thin money belts that fit inside your clothes. That way you can carry your passport and money with you at all times. Tip of the day – Always carry your student or youth card because you may be able to get a discount. Many hostels offer a wide range of activities – from city tours to white water-rafting.

Travel in comfort – Bring a pillow with you for those long bus journeys. Almost all hostels offer lockers, either free of charge or for hire so that people staying in dormitories can lock up their valuables. During the daytime, there is usually a lockout time from early morning to late afternoon when the rooms are being cleaned.

Planning that seems so trivial at home can become complicated when you are in a strange place. Today, many hostels are not unlike budget hotels where the only significant difference is the price. Many hostels provide access for wheelchair users, and specially adapted rooms are becoming more common. Many hostels in the country are so quiet you can hear your heart beat.

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Backpacking in Florence

The Trip

No one likes getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning… But when you’re off on a backpacking adventure to Florence wearing your baggy jeans and comfy old Converse, it’s a completely different story. Picture leaving home, whistling a song and wearing your traveler’s smile, thinking ‘Oh well, I can always sleep on the train!’ When you realize you haven’t bought your ticket yet… Always buy your ticket in advance to get the cheapest deals, to save money for some extra beers! Relax when you get aboard the train, always double check that you are on the right one, and remember to get your ticket punched before you leave.

The Hostel

So there you are, at the Santa Maria Novella train station, and as soon as you exit, you realize how many accommodation options you have. You’ll probably feel tempted to stay in the first budget hostel you find, especially if you are weary from your travels. Finding the best Hostel can be a game of luck, so to increase your odds I’ll recommend you two from personal experience!

Plus Florence

They say PLUS stands for People Like US. You will find lots of like-minded people here indeed, and love Plus’ staff, services and great quality accommodation. You’re also very likely to find familiar faces from their website, like Kas and Jordi. If you were to ask Jordi about this, he would probably deny it with a compromising smile, but if you ask him about anything about Plus Hostels or Florence or the 101 things you must do before you die, he will gladly help you! As for Kas, a Cameron Diaz look-alike, she’s no less popular or knowledgeable, so obviously you can count on her as well! There’s always someone to meet at the bar plotting their next adventure, or an undiscovered musician playing guitar out on the terrace with spectacular panoramic views. It’s also the perfect place to relax, get tanned, watch the sunset and share some cheap supermarket wine.

Services: Bar, big bathrooms, huge choice of rooms types including a girls only dorm, WiFi & Internet Access, Swimming pools, gym and jacuzzi.

Ostello Archi Rossi

You’ll be greeted by Mona Lisa’s eyes on your back while checking-in. It’s only 3 minutes walk from Santa Maria Novella station. It has an irresistible post-modernist atmosphere, full of original frescoes painted by local art students, along with a row of computers to keep you connected to the world. The staff are really fun and friendly and multi-lingual, speaking English, French, German and Spanish. And you’ll never have a hard time finding fellow travellers to share your experiences in Florence with.

Services: Bar and restaurant, personal lockers, free Internet, common room, TV room, telephones, open air terrace, garden, laundry.

The Meal

It’s hard to leave Italy without a few extra pounds… A cheap Chinese meal or a kebab can save you from starving, but you can’t just have a felafel’s panini when you’re in Florence – even if the word ‘panini’ makes it sound more Italian. Surrender to the creative kitchen of the Tuscan people, with their famous salt-less bread that actually tastes amazing toasted with Provola cheese. You can find it at the very popular Trattoria Zà-zà – budget for this because it is totally worth it! Then you can make savings by going to the supermarket or eating pizza – the good ol’budget saver in Italy. For other light lunches and lighter bills, you could also try: Il Ristoro del Perditempo, I Frattellini, or even the Darvish Café if you feel like some oriental food. Near the Duomo you can find restaurants where you can eat well for around 10 Euros. You can’t miss the opportunity to eat in one of the many little chaotic restaurants, where you’ll probably have to share a table, but this shouldn’t be a problem for the seasoned backpacker. Besides, shared tables means shared tips, and who knows, you might just meet someone with information about cool exhibits or places you might otherwise of missed.

The Musts

Florence is definitely the place to go for people who are really passionate about arts, architecture and cultural heritage: Michelangelo’s David, the Uffizi Gallery, the frescoes of Leonardo da Vinci at the Palazzo Vecchio and the romantic Ponte Vecchio. You won’t be disappointed either if you climb the stairs of San Giovanni Duomo. The entry is free and it is a good idea to bring a bottle of wine to drink at the top. It pays to keep in mind what you really want to see in Florence, don’t just show up – organize and plan your trip in advance, try to arrive at the museums and art galleries that you really don’t want to miss early in the day, as later you may be wasting the better part of the day waiting in lines. And if you can’t be bothered to walk around, imagine smoothly gliding through the timeless streets of Florence on a Segway with a personal guide with Segway Tours in Florence.

Florence is not only famous for its art but also for its terrific wines. You can explore Florence and the renowned Chianti countryside and fall in love with its famous farms and friendly little villages. Just picture yourself enjoying a relaxed and informal wine tasting, savoring a delicious gourmet Tuscan lunch at one of the vineyards. Finally, don’t forget that by coincidence Florence tends to be the city of Love…

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Holiday Travel Tips

Don’t you love it when people take advantage of the holidays like that?!? I thought I could give you some tips for when you travel this holiday. Hopefully these tips can save you some peace of mind as well as money! 1. If you are flying and have presents to take ship them in advance. They will be there when you arrive and you do not have to mess with taking them on the plane. If you do take them on the plane do not wrap them. With the heightened security at airports they will probably just be unwrapped and checked anyway. 2. Consider renting an apartment or condo for a week. You can find some great deals online and save a considerable amount of money over paying for a hotel. Depending on the size of your family you may want to look into renting a vacation home. 3. Don’t eat out anymore than you have to. Eating out is expensive. Use your rental to its full advantage and go to the grocery store and buy what you need to cook your own meals. Get the kids involved and let them help pick the meals and even help cook them. 4. Recreation during the holidays is one of the great benefits of having a family. You can play board games or card games. Take along a Frisbee or football and get outside and throw them around. When you rent a place for the week it offers you all kinds of ways to save money. You can take along your favorite DVDs and have some family movie time everyday. 5. If you rent a vacation home you might want to share it with another family. Being able to split the costs with someone you enjoy being around during the holidays can save you a lot of money as well. This idea may or may not work for you depending on the ages of your kids and the common interests of the family you travel with. These are just a few holiday travel tips if you are on a budget. Even if you are not on a budget you can save some money during the holidays and have some quality time with your family that you might not get staying with a relative or in a hotel.

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Crumpler Belly L Laptop Backpack – All in One Protector for Your Laptop

These days almost every one owns laptop because of its mobility. Yes doesn’t matter where you are going you can carry your laptop with you and can make your things simple. Now when you are carrying your laptop obviously not going to carry in your hand as it is expensive, valuable and some data inside is the most important right? So here we introduce nice Laptop Bag, Crumpler Belly L Laptop Backpack which is all in one protector for your laptop.

It may also be easier to take care of the laptop when it is in a case because you can carry it by the handle and not have to completely put it down where you could forget and walk off without it. It will also keep your precious laptop free from scratches when you are walking with it in hand. At least when it is in a backpack it will be protected from accidental damage of scraping against a wall or something and keeps your hands free.

This Crumpler Belly L laptop bag is more affordable and comfortable way to protect and transport a laptop. This laptop backpack built with 1000D Chicken Tex Supreme with waterproof ripstop lining. It has two different main compartments. It has padded laptop pouch with removable sleeve. Two side pockets for water bottle or mp3 player or other gadgets. It provides perfect attachment with your body, as it has super strong shoulder straps with 2 loops for pouch attachment and adjustable sliding chest strap for fine adjustment. It has 7 smaller internal pockets and 2 external side loops for pouch attachment. The dimension of the bag is 480x360x300 mm and can carry laptop with the screen size up to 15”.

So get ready to move out now with your favourite laptop without worrying about its safety because Crumpler Belly L Laptop bag will do that for you.

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Travel Tips For Old People by


Rohit’s parents will be completing 50 years of their marriage next month. He wants to send his parents on a tour to North India to celebrate their anniversary. But one thing about which Rohit is concerned, is about how his parents will manage their health.

But if think over it, it is not that difficult. By taking care of few things you can easily send you parents on tours and trust them for managing their health.

Following are few useful tips which you have to take care before help them to pack their bags…

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