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Travel Tips-Dont’t forget a Portable Solar Charger

When we travel around the world to different places, we may encounter all kinds of trouble. The six elements of tourism are food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment. How can you make a good of this issue?? Here are number of suggestions for you:

Food: Travel can not miss tasting the local specialty. Authentic taste of natural origin is cheap, but do not buy in the tourist areas, to the streets of shops to buy a residence will not be “slaughtered.”

Attention to hygiene and health. Tasting the local dishes, is undoubtedly a “food culture” to enjoy, but must pay attention to eating water sanitation, should not eat too much.

Housing: If conditions in trips with good reputation before the travel agent to carry out consultation and commissioned by booking the room. Pre-trip without prior reservation, to a city tourist traffic the first to buy a map, view live, easy and cheap, choose a good hotel check-in before you can try to talk to the waiter: I come again to here, and you regulars here that the receive a discount (though you are a first time stay). Perhaps, you will see greater benefits. One of no more than 4-5 people sharing a double room has a Simmons beds can be put thick mattress on the floor, two feet close together and two feet close together and branding for two bed pad. During the tourism, you should ensure adequate sleep time. Bye the way, don’t forget to take a universal solar charger .With a universal portable solar charger, you will be fully prepared for emergencies in which AC power supply is not available.

Transport: Traffic cost is often more than half of total expenditure. If the time off, train hard sleeper the most suitable not only much cheaper than the plane, but also to save cost of accommodation, adding to travel the content. Purchase tickets must first understand the time and aircraft to take off. On arrival, take a taxi before a rough idea of distance and price, it will not be deceived.

If you travel on foot, you must wear sneakers. Shoes should be light and the right size. Soles can not be too thin, do not wear new shoes. Way to rest, it will be loose shoelace, promote blood circulation.

During the travel, tourists should not carry too much baggage. That is meaningless. Excess baggage will become a drag on our trip. Therefore, I advocate a packet of policies: all baggage only a backpack.

Tour: This is the biggest tourism purposes. Concept area, exhibitions or shopping, they always spend money. The face of a lot of scenic spots, where to go should not go? At this point we have to look tourist map or to inquire about the local people: first select the most representative of the landscape; the exhibition should be selective to visit; pictures of press the shutter a waste of film, select a good scene or with commemorative scenes.

Shopping: Tourist shopping, a big difference between men and women. Most men do not share or less to buy, if purchased, it may take some time to choose something more unique native arts and crafts, or go home mother of filial respect his wife. Most of chaos, Ms. purchase the purchase, in the purchase of clothing, jewelry, or jewelry, jade, they need to hear clearly describes, but also believed in his vision and common sense.

Entertainment: journey to participate in recreational sure to ask what the price, there is no additional tips and projects which are included content. In addition, it has been calculated that at least one third of the travel time is consumed in the long road.

Many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs of taboo. Travel into the minority areas, we must respect their traditional customs and taboos in life, must not ignore the customs or because of the careless actions hurt their national pride.So take a portable solar charger and have a good trip in China!

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10 Must Have Items For Backpacking This Spring

Backpacking is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors, stay active and spend time with those closest to you. But we weren’t all raised in the Boy Scouts, and even fewer of us are Eagle Scouts born and bread for the great outdoors. For the first-time, novice backpacker, daydreaming about your adventure is one thing, actually planning it and getting yourself out there is a different ball game. Without proper preparation, your glorious adventure could turn in to a difficult, strenuous, regrettable mess. However, with a little bit of planning and foresight, you will be geared up and ready for a unique experience that is really unlike anything else.

In this day and age of constant work, expanding technology and ever-increasing creature comforts, most of us are spending less and less time outdoors. But experiencing nature, getting out of the house and away from daily stresses, is an important part of the human experience and will bring a new level of excitement back into your life. Here is what you need to get started, the top ten essentials to gather before heading out on your backpacking adventure trip:

1 – Your Backpack

The obvious first step, your backpack itself will be the carrier and protector of all your survival and trip-enjoyment essentials. Get one big enough to hold all of your belongings for the length of your trip, strong enough to withstand the trials of the trail, and even one with some trimmings like a water bladder for hydration.

2 – Proper Footwear & Socks

Great hiking socks are critical for your backpacking trip. To avoid blisters and other nasty foot problems, the main things to look for are comfort, moisture control, and shock reduction. Never under estimate the importance of great socks! Over the socks you will want thick leather hiking boots with a thick, textured sole that offer high ankle and arch support.

3 – Clothing

Always bring an extra t-shirt. You never know what is going to happen and you want to stay comfortable on your hike. Also include a thin lightweight fleece; you never know how the temperature is going to change. Last but not least plastic ponchos for that unexpected rain shower. A poncho has saved more than one trip for me.

4 – Water Bottle

This one is very important! Water is, hands down, the most essential element of your trip, so you will not want to carry it in some cheap convenience store plastic. Get high impact plastic or stainless steel (which you can use to heat the water for cooking or tea). Alternatively, you can get a water bladder that will sit in your pack. Many backpacks come with built-in hydration systems now-a-days.

5 – Food

Nutrition on the trail is vital since you will be burning more calories per day than you are used to. Among the favorites of experienced campers are beef jerky (high protein), dried fruit (vitamins, potassium), granola and energy bars, and trail mixes of nuts, breads and fruits.

6 – Shelter

A durable tent with appropriate sleeping accommodations for one, two or more individuals is essential to protect you from the elements. After working hard all day, making your supper and retiring for the evening, you will want to stay warm, dry, and protected from insects and animals.

7 – Digital Camera

Your friends and family will want to hear all about your trip and, like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are an amateur photographer or maybe a professional your pictures will bring you memories to life again and again.

8 – Camera Bag

If you do not protect that digital camera, you will quickly regret it. Dirt, dust, rain and so on can ruin electronics. You will want a rugged, durable camera bag made of the toughest nylon you can find and preferably reinforced with high impact plastic panels. Camera bags are even available as a backpack of a sling backpack that will fit much more that just your camera.

9 – Knife

A fixed blade knife with a reinforced handle, or a utility knife (why not both?) will quickly become your closest ally on any backpacking trip.

10 – First Aid Kit

Last but not least, always be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best trip imaginable. A basic first aid kit has often been the difference between survival and catastrophe for many backpackers and adventure hikers. Don not make the mistake of thinking you can get by with nothing, when your hiking and away from civilization, even the smallest scratch can quickly become infected and turn something that is harmless and mildly annoying at home into a serious problem. Aside from scratches and cuts, bug bites, bee stings, snake bites-you name it-could all potentially be unwelcome participants in your grand adventure. Be prepared!

Now you are now ready to sling on your pack, lace up your boots and take to the hills. Remember, preparation is the most important thing! Think your trip through, plan accordingly, and you will have a great time with you and yours on a great backpacking adventure.

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Travel Insurance – Will you be a Victim of the Airport Delay?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of long nights spent in airport departure lounges due to delayed flights. We remind ourselves that this sort of event happens only rarely and shouldn’t cause a problem during the first hours of our holiday. Unfortunately as of late this is no longer the case and many a flight is delayed due to ever tightening airport security procedures.

With the ever continuing onslaught of shower after shower and the resultant flooding, it seems that we have this year been robbed of the summer for which we longed so wholeheartedly. It is no surprise that as a result many of us are turning to fleeing the country for a holiday in sunnier climbs.

This leads us to a huge problem and it doesn’t require the use of much imagination to work out what that could be. Delays, more delays and perhaps if were especially lucky even more delays. These delays centre on the tightening of airport security to bring procedure in line with current events and security risks posed by terrorist action.

Many new security checks have been put into place and checking in a flight now takes longer than ever before. This can lead to missed take off slots and lengthy delays awaiting new take off times.

So just how do you avoid having your holiday ruined from the word go? Once thing you should seriously consider is taking out a travel insurance policy. The majority of insurers will compensate for airport delays and cancellation, although you should always check this before committing yourself to a particular policy.

You may argue that the airline should be liable for the delay or cancellation and should therefore pay compensation to the passengers. Unfortunately this is not the case and they are bound by no such liability. Imagine spending the night sleeping on the cold departure lounge floor, now factor in several young children and you’re in for a nightmare. I’ve experienced this when I was a child and I know what a terrible situation it must have been for my parents.

Now imagine if you had a travel insurance policy that would compensate you and pay for the costs of a delay and possible cancellation resulting from this. It would at least give you peace of mind and make the experience that little bit less stressful; indeed it could prove invaluable if you experience a particularly long delay. The thing is many of us fall victim to the common misconception that an insurance policy can be exorbitantly expensive. This is simply not the case; it is in fact relatively easy to find a cheap travel insurance policy. All that is required is a little time and effort to search out the best policy to suit your needs. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for simply the cheapest as this will not give you the coverage you desire. It sounds like common sense but features are often overlooked and price often takes the forefront of the decision process. Consider using one of the new breed of price comparison sites to help you quickly and easily find a policy at a surprisingly cheap price with the all important features.

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More ways to save on air travel

One of the ways to make a boring flight more bearable is the knowledge you have the cheapest ticket on the plane. With all the security restrictions at air ports and the lack of comfort on the air planes themselves, traveling has lost its appeal. Now, it’s just a way of getting from where you are to where you want to go. The recession is helping because the airlines are having to compete to fill their planes. This is bringing down the retail price of seats and there are a lot of attractive “special offers” being advertised. The fact of a bargain always helps to lift your spirits. The big question is therefore how to get the discounts. If you are planning in advance, there are savings if you book around two months ahead. This gives you a so-called “early bird” discount. When you want a flight in the next few days, the airlines know you probably have to travel and keep the price high. If you book too far ahead, there are uncertainties about costs, particularly of aviation fuel, so airlines tend to keep the price higher to hedge against possible rises in their operating costs. When you book, if possible, always fly as a round trip. One-way tickets are more expensive and, if you are looking for connecting flights, try to stay with the same airline. Traveling on your own gives you the maximum flexibility. You can decide when you want to fly and how much inconvenience you are prepared to accept to get a discount. Most airlines start offering discounts for groups when there are at least six people in the party. So, if you are prepared to put up with the hassle of organizing friends into a package deal, the savings can be substantial. The emphasis here is on a package which includes hotels and other add-ons. There is another general rule at work here. Never rely on a single internet site for making a booking of any kind. Always get multiple online quotes and pick up the telephone to talk to the airlines and travel agents about travel packages. The moment you start talking about adding a rental car or hotel rooms, you have their undivided attention. Indeed, asking what the options are for saving money will often produce unexpected offers not mentioned on the websites. In this, remember to identify the consolidators or aggregators. These are the travel agents that buy tickets in bulk from the airlines and sell at a discount. Also remember that many of the no-frills budget airlines do not sell through the standard internet search engines. You have to approach them directly. Learning how to save on air tickets is not difficult but it does take up time and requires some effort. You should also be wary. Many discounted air tickets come with restricted rights to change flight times, exchange tickets, or cancel and seek a refund. Always read the small print before confirming the purchase. You should also use your credit card because many have insurance provisions that cover you should you fall ill and be unable to travel.

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Traveling Tips to India

Basic Tips

Get to know the basic rules and laws of India before making your visit to the country. Better don’t change your original travel plans and never discuss them with strangers. Always stay away from the strangers who try to be very friendly.

Money exchange

Get your currency from authorized moneychangers only and do keep the money exchange receipts after every transaction. You may need those receipts for re-exchange on departure.

Documents to carry

Have Photostat of important documents like passports, visa and identity proof, as in case any of those gets misplaced. All important documents and valuable items like cash, cheques, jewelery should be kept safely in the hotel locker or in a safe suitcase.


Contact a recognized travel agency for booking the tickets. Many super-fast trains are running for all important tourist places. Avoid traveling in general class because the bogies remain crowded. Always prefer for sleeper class as these are clean and safe with many other facilities. Buses including Deluxe, Volvo etc. also ply all over India. To travel within local area hire authorized taxi or Auto-Rickshaw.

Food and drinking

‘Health is wealth’. Always avoid street food which is kept uncovered. Take food from good hotels and restaurant as they serve fresh and clean food. Buy packaged drinking water and always check the seal.

While in Trouble

Never indulge yourself in violence whenever gets stuck into arguments. Contact your Embassy and nearest police station for the help. Always speak with the senior inspector in Charge of any police station.

Visiting religious shrines

Always respect the religious shrines and places of worship in India. Take utmost care to remove your shoes and cover your head while visiting religious place. Dress up yourself in a very decent manner as India is a very traditional country.

Safety tips

For accommodation always prefer for recognized hotel. Don’t hand over your luggage to any unknown person. Always take care of your wallet, bags and brief case. Never carry huge sum of money. The amount should be as per your requirement of the day.

Essentials to carry

Carry your medicines along with you, never know when it may come handy and don’t forget to carry some insect repellent. Also carry Sun glasses and hat to avoid sun burn.

Credit cards

American Express, Master Charge, Visa and Diners Club credit cards are generally accepted by recognised establishments of India including hotels, shopping complex and airlines.

Plan your tour to India with – http://www.hellotravel.com

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