My Airfare Secrets for Inexpensive Airline Tickets

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My Airfare Secrets for Inexpensive Airline Tickets

There is a resource available for those who are interested in purchasing inexpensive airline tickets called My Airfare Secrets. Written by an ex-airline travel agent by the name of Tony Morrison it is a detailed guide to the secret world of cheap airfares.His main selling point is the fact that he was fired after 16 years of service to his employer. Unemployed and looking for work he decided that his 16 years worth of knowledge working behind the scenes for the airlines was worth something. Luckily for travelers everywhere he decided to share his secrets in a downloadable ebook detailing everything he knows about saving money on airline tickets.To say that this book over delivers on information would be an understatement. With four sections that start with Basic Tricks and works up to Top Secret Tricks the information he gives is first rate. You may already know some of the more basic tips and tricks but the true savings are shared in the last three sections.Finding inexpensive airline tickets is about knowing how to play the travel game. Once you know how airlines determine their prices and discounts your opportunities for cheap travel will increase significantly. There are many factors that go into ticket pricing and with this insider information you’ll soon be traveling for hundreds of dollars less then the person sitting next to you.Some of the more basic things you’ll learn are the best times to travel if you want to save money. The day of the week or even hour of the day can have a significant effect on ticket prices. Traveling during off season times can also have an affect on ticket prices. Learning just these simple things can have quite an impact on your ability to obtain cheap airfares to just about anywhere you want to travel.Timing also plays a big factor in purchasing discounted airfares. If you know when to make your purchase you can save quite a bit of money. The airlines offer literally hundreds of discount promotions everyday, but you need to know when this happens and how to ask for these discounts. You will learn all of these little known tricks from someone who know the airline reservations industry inside and out.If you routinely travel by air you stand to save quite a bit of money following the methods in this book. If you travel only once or twice a year you can easily save enough money on your first flight to cover your investment in My Airfare Secrets. The information in this ebook is more then worth the bargain price and will help you save money anytime you wish to travel.

My Airfare Secrets for Inexpensive Airline Tickets

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