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Does anyone know the Med restrictions on airline travel?

I take quite a few medications daily and use a pill box. This allows me to seperate my meds for use at different times of the day/night. Now, due to inspections by airport security will I be able to take my pill box (loaded & seperated) or must I bring each med bottle individually?


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Costa Rica Manifesto Gathering in Malpais

The Manifesto Gathering is a ‘burning man’ like event put on in malpais, santa teresa, Costa Rica. Cool video of the ‘firestarters.’ Forhelpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- michael alan’s blog – http Our pictures from around Costa Rica – […]


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How do you travel for cheap?

It would be great if anyone experienced in travelling to Europe can tell me the cheapest way to get there, and the cheapest way to have fun. Willing to backpack through Europe. How do you get cheap tickets? I’m looking for summertime and cheap tickets because I’m a poor college student. Thanks!


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AXE backpacker


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Palawan #1 Airport Immigration

Customs on Palawan, Philippines


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