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Hey does anyone have an idea of how I can join a group or organization to travel places for cheap?

I live in Massachusetts and I’m looking for extracurricular activities that is interesting or involves traveling to other states or countries for cheap. I’m willing to do community service, basically anything to get out of my hometown and meet other people. I did Model UN and recently went to London, is there anything similar to […]


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Hostels – 10 Things You Didn’t Know

The hostel of today is different to those of yesteryear. Today’s backpackers hostels have swimming pools, free WiFi, private rooms and more. Here’s Colm Hanratty travels to different hostels around Europe to show you just how good hostels are.


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1We-TV: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Supports the 1We Football Playground Project for the kids in Rio de Janeiro. Check it out: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro shows the crazy mixed-up world in a city which is balancing on the edge of destruction. Almost half of the population lives in 1400 slums (favellas) which are dominated by drug and weapon […]


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Chinese Soldiers in front of Pothala, Lhasa Tibet

This video was filmed in Lhasa in Tibet last year. I did not expect my visit at Pothala Palace to be like that. Yet I can’t blame the Chinese soldiers. They were but little kids in the search of a better life. Tibet tells many sad stories, Tibetan but also Chinese. Travel Tip: If you […]


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How do i can travel cheap to Lima, Peru or Bogota, Colombia?

Hi! well i just want to know how can i travel for free or paying a low fee to lima or Bogota… ive read something about getting bags from USA to Peru, well i hope you can answer me…. thanks! bye!


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