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DRINK Ukulele Cover

Multitrack of my favorite drinking song by the Jazz Butcher 😀 Flea Ukulele Martin backpacker X8 Ramadan Djembe Dirty Martini w/ jalapeno stuffed olive Dundee Porter Beck’s Oktoberfest My microphone finally came in the mail! woooo! Of course it came the day after I recorded most of this song, but I did get a chance […]


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Any guides for buying cheap airline travel tickets?

Is there like a report or guide that everyone uses? Thanks!


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Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Eco-Tour

A video tour that shows the unintentionally green credentials of this hotel which claims that being budget is good for the planet.


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What is the best Airline to travel on?

My oppinion is emirates airline u agree with me?:P tell me wats the best airline. but i think if u go on a cheaper airline ur more likely to b in a plane crash right?


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