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Minus 26º Minnesota Backpack Hammock Quest On The SHT

The trip ended being 2 night and 3 days of winter wonder. Every year I realize that when breaking trail in powdery snow that the going is slow especially when toting your goods into the woods. Kurt Papke was an excellent hiking partner … very strong and self-sufficient. I like that in a backpacker! The […]


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Davos Open Forum 2010 – Climate Change: Financing Urgent Adaptation 29.01.2010 The immediate and most critical consequences of climate change affect countries which have contributed least to global warming. Developing countries need up to 200 billion euros yearly to fight drought, lack of water, floods and deforestation limitation, and to introduce friendly energy sources. Therefore, immediate financial help from developed countries is of vital […]


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Rajasthan: Land of Kings – Lonely Planet Travel Video

In India, Rajasthan is known as the Land of Kings. Traveller highlights include Udaipur, the ‘Venice of the East’ which houses the world’s biggest turban; Jaisalmer’s ancient fort which is still a working city and Pushkar’s annual camel fair with people and camels as far as the eye can see. But it’s the Karni Mata […]


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What is the best source, internet or other, for cheap international travel?

Mexico to US? Mexico to Europe?


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Should I use online travel site or the airline site with a lap infant?

I want my daughter (1 yr old) in my lap but on many of the travel sites there is not an option for a lap infant. Will we run into problems when we fly? How do I book for a lap infant? Should I use the airline’s website instead? My husband and I and baby […]


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