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teamfd cebu

The teamfd cebu chapter went to Toledo,cebu city for there fun run… and it really is fun… teamfd cebu rocks ! and to all teamfd in phil. MORE POWERS!!!


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homemade guitar backpacker double neck 3 string . This instrument is handmade by me in my home. Its made out of maple,mahogany,pine,ipa,and walnut. This double neck 3 string guitar is a fully functional instrument. Take a look. If you want tcelento see more go to


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What are some good travel websites for cheap hotel tickets for Vegas?

So I’m planning to head to Vegas in April with family and I’m wondering if any of you have some legit, SAFE travel websites I can cheap tickets for hotels only*? I’ve been to,,, travelocity, and but I have a feelings some other website is better. So far we’re liking Expedia’s […]


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How do i find a job in Germany (backpacker)?

next year i finish school and i plan on traveling europe for roughly one year, i need tofind myself a job of some sort (in a bar/on a ski field etc) work for 4-5 months and then with the money i accumulated travel europe. Does anyone have any idea how i can find myself a […]


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What are the current airline travel restrictions & recommendations?


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