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Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge offers exclusive, luxury accommodation in eight colonial styled rooms in overlooking the magnificent Mpumalanga escarpment. The property features a variety of fauna and flora, exceptional trout fishing and a distinctive game viewing experience on horseback. Its the ideal getaway for those looking for peace, privacy and wonderful cusuine.


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Vote Brooke! Best Backpacker Job in Australia!

EACH VIEW IS A VOTE! Vote Brooke vs. the World for Best Backpacker Job in Australia – brought to you by The Word Australia! Share this video! Thanks! Can you imagine? 3 months in a campervan traveling up the coast of Australia – pristine beaches, skydiving, scuba diving, sailing, the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue […]


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what to pack for Tibet travel?

I am going to Tibet for travel, but I don’t know what to pack ,could you please tell me some travel tips and guide?


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What are the safety guidelines for airline travel?

What are the TSA travel Restrictions? What can be allowed in an carry on item?


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Where can I get cheap Travel bags in Frankfurt? Can anyone tell me a store?

I am new to Frankfurt. And I want to purchase a Travel bag. I had been to Main-taunus Zentrum and Nord West Zentrum. I saw some shops and they’re quite expensive!. I might hav missed some shops. Can any one tell me where can I find?


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