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Funny Airplanes

Enjoy the crazy airline presentation of NCA-Never Comeback Airlines on its Flight 013 from IAH to FRA


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The Wild Life and Times of a Gonzo Travel Writer

More action from the big, bad world, as Esrock shares clips from Mongolia, Albania, Russia, Cambodia, and other exotic destinations. Somewhat silly, somewhat daft, get some inspiration while it’s cheap.


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What would be the least expensive way to travel to Poland?

I would like to go to Poland for 7 days anytime between May 26th and July 27th. I would prefer to fly from Baltimore and arrive in Warsaw. If it would be cheaper to fly from somewhere else within a few hours of Baltimore that could work. Or if it would be cheaper to fly […]


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Family Slide Show #2

Slide show of pictures for my GRN website.


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How to buy Angkor Wat part1

This is the movie, how a Japanese backpacker buy Angkor Wat. I tried to follow him to record with my video camera a couple of days. You might see how tourism culture has made of. This movie is gonna be good window, how we’ve seen by local people, where we stand point now, and what […]


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