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Backpacks – Myriad Of Users

At one time backpacks could be found in black, navy and camouflage green and were only used by people out hiking for the weekend. Times have certainly changed and you could not venture out into the High Street, a school, college, workplace without running into dozens of backpacks, used by a diverse group of people with very different needs and in a rainbow of colours to suit every taste. The Student: Backpacks are ideal for students or pupils from year1 right up until graduation because backpacks do not come in one size fits all and a small backpack can progress into a larger backpack as the demands on its capacities and capabilities grows. The Young Mum: With nappies, creams, bottles, wipes and the 101 other items needed to make even a short trip with a baby, a young mum could not ask for a better transportation system than a backpack. A backpack can easily hold all a babies essential items, but, leave mum’s hands free to take care of the little one. The Athlete: With backpacks designed to keep wet or sweaty gym gear well away from clean and dry items, it would be a sensible decision to utilise a backpack as a sports bag. You need not worry about work or homework suffering from the smell of eau de trainer, either. The Hiker: With all its different uses nowadays it can be easy to forget that a backpack is still the perfect item for a weekend hiking in the countryside. A backpack is easily carried, distributes weight evenly throughout the torso and can hold all your gear, mobile phone, MP3, change of clothes, rainwear, etc, in fact anything a hiker may need on his intrepid travels. The Business Person: Laptops are now an essential item for a professional to conduct their business away from the office and a backpack that has been specially designed to protect a laptop, with a padded sleeve, and hold all the files , folders and peripherals that get them through a business day is a much more practical (and desirable) proposition than a briefcase. Whether you require a backpack for the blackboard jungle, the urban jungle or, even, the Madagascan Jungle, Caribee will have the backpack to meet your needs.

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Tips For Buying the Right Backpacks For Hiking

There are a lot of people who love to do outdoor activities. This is their form of relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. One famous recreational activity is hiking. This is a perfect getaway for families and friends. But before engaging in this kind of event, you have to prepare the basic things that you need. And the most essential gear is your backpack.
Choosing the right backpack is quite confusing. If you happen to be new in this excursion, you definitely have a hard time finding the right backpack for you. Hikers usually say, you should buy backpacks not according to how stylish they look. Do not give priority to the color or general coolness of the product. You might end up picking the one you like but it ruined your trip because of the inconvenience it gave you. It must serve the purpose for the activity. There are several well known brands, like coleman backpacks that produce quality gears for outdoor activities.
When you do your canvass, try to evaluate everything and consider the benefits they have. In this manner, you can be able to land on the best one for you. Here are tips that you can consider when you do your backpack shopping:
Backpack capacity- when you go on hiking, remember to take a look on all the things that you need to bring. Know how long will you have your vacation. In this manner, you can assess how big your backpack is. Hikers normally choose those that have enough space for short or long trips. Thus, they can use it anytime they go hiking. Look if there are enough compartments for storage. It is not advisable to overload your small backpack and put other stuff outside the bag. This can cause disturbance during your adventure.
Waterproof- you can not expect that every time you go on hike the weather is good. Prepare for the worst. Your gears and equipments must be waterproof. And backpacks should have this feature. You would not like to end up having dripping clothes and other stuff. It will also make your load heavier if it is wet.
Properly fit- it may sound a bit strange to fit a backpack, but for professional hikers they are very concerned on the proper fit of their backpacks. Because you will be carrying it the whole time, it must be as comfortable as possible. Try them on, make sure that their hip belt, shoulder harness and straps best suit your body. For women, there are specialized backpacks designed for their body.
Load allocation- if you plan to have longer trips, you will certainly bring a lot of things. Heavier load will require your backpack to have more technical features. This is to accommodate all the necessary items for the activity. And hikers recommend coleman backpacks because of its versatility features. Their hip belts, shoulder harness and straps are designed to properly support your back.
There are still some other points that you can take a look before you decide on buying the right backpack for you. But these are the basic features that can be helpful on your shopping. If you really want a good and durable one, you must invest on it. Though it costs a bit more, but you will definitely not regret on the quality of performance it can give you. Make your hiking as fun and exciting as possible. And start it by picking the best backpack for you.

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Kids BackPacks – 5 Tips To Avoid BackPack Injuries

In the old days, children would head off to school with a piece of notebook paper in one hand and a pencil perched behind one ear. But in this modern age of technology, even elementary-age children are burdened with books, pencil cases, calculators, the obligatory cell phone, a personal PDA for scheduling and perhaps even a notebook computer. Most of these items are hastily thrown into a backpack, and slung over one shoulder as they head out the door.

While experts have recommended that a kid’s backpack should weigh less than 15 percent their  body weight, many kids routinely lug around more than twice that percentage. Over time, this backpack burden can create health problems such as stooped posture, chronic back and shoulder pain, stiff necks and muscle weakness. Lisa A. Haney, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Pennsylvania Hospital, has said that “More than 40 million U.S. students carry backpacks, and most of them are unaware that overloading them or carrying them incorrectly can set them up for a lifetime of problems.” According to Ms. Haney, “It’s up to parents, teachers and schools to help spread the word about backpack safety and help our kids lighten their loads.” To minimize the harmful effects of carrying a backpack, it is important to follow these five tips: 1. Make sure you and your child pick a backpack that is appropriate for your child’s age and size. You should physically weigh the backpack to make sure it is less than 15 percent of your child’s body weight. 2. Adjust the backpack so it rests in the curve of the lower back. The pack should never rest more than four inches below your child’s waistline. The shoulder straps should be well-padded and as wide as possible to help distribute the weight of the backpack.  3. Check your child’s backpack and make sure they have only packed items that are necessary for the day’s activities. The heaviest items should be loaded in the back of the pack (closest to your child’s back), and items should be arranged so they don’t shift and move in the pack. It is better for the child to hand-carry a few items than to over-load the backpack.

4. Instruct your child to wear both shoulder straps. Slinging the pack over one shoulder can cause a great deal of muscle strain. It causes the child to lean to one side, curving the spine and causing discomfort throughout the back, neck and shoulders. Be sure to adjust the straps so the pack fits snugly against the child’s back and make certain to fasten the waist belt, if the pack has one, to distribute the weight more evenly.

5. If your child can’t, or won’t, wear the backpack properly, you may need to consider a rolling backpack. Just make sure the handle is long enough so your child doesn’t have to twist or bend to pull the backpack.

By following these five tips, your child’s backpack can do its job, without doing in your child!

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Features of Hiking Backpacks

If you know which features you’re looking for in a backpack you will know how to choose a hiking backpack that is perfect for your needs. There are several types of hiking backpacks: the difference is not only in size but also in the features you find in each of these backpacks that make each of them perfect for specific uses.Hydration Backpacks Many backpacks have a plastic hydration bag integrated, or have apposite room to carry a water bag with the hole for its attached drinking tube.Waterproof covers No backpack is 100% waterproof and this word is often abused: materials, pockets, different shapes and other factors make it rather impossible to make a backpack completely waterproof. Some backpacks have a waterproof cover that you use to wrap the entire backpack putting it in a waterproof bag. This may sound an weird solution but will actually make your backpack waterproof during storms.Shoulder Straps This part connects the upper part of your body to the backpack. The bigger the backpack, the softer, padded and wider the straps should be. The straps of most backpacks have a chest belt to keep the backpack tight to your body relieving the stress from your shoulders and from your back.The hip belt The main purpose of this belt is to move the weight of the backpack from your shoulders to the lower part of your body distributing the weight on your hips. Never underestimate the importance of a hip belt, specially during long hikes with loaded packs.Cords Every backpack has external cords that are useful to fix additional equipment to the backpack such as hiking poles. The position of these cords can vary from a pack to the next. Despite it’s always possible to find a suitable position for your equipment you might want to check if such cords are positioned where you need them to be.Internal or External Frames Today the internal frame is by far the most common one. The frame keeps the pack in shape and helps distribute the loads. Plastic and aluminium are the materials used to build the frames.

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School Backpacks – Essential School Accessory

School Backpacks – Essential School Accessory

After summer holidays, it`s time for children to return back to school.Visit Here

 They head off to new classrooms with school backpacks filled with school supplies, notebooks and textbooks. Backpacks serve as a fashion statement in form of school bags that are loved by everyone.

These are an essential accessory for school kids to keep their books, assignments and other school articles organized. Functional yet versatile, backpacks can be considered as multi-utility bags that can also be used for travelling purposes, hiking or picnic trips.

Size, shape, appearance and functionality are main factors to consider while shopping for school backpacks. The appearance of backpack in terms of look, color and design must be appealing and attractive that counts to child`s personality and provide a way to express them.

Design of school backpack must be somewhat that is liked and appreciated by kids such as cartoon characters, floral prints in bold and bright colors. Functionality can be described as space provided by backpack to accommodate all important school supplies such as books, notebooks, lunch box, water bottle, pens and other necessary gear.

Backpacks must have multiple compartments for keeping school essentials well organized and in proper manner that makes it easily accessible for child. In addition to multiple compartments, backpack must have side pockets for holding water bottles and smaller articles.

Size of backpacks is an important aspect; one must choose proper size depending on child`s age and checks that it fits perfectly and does not put heavy load on body. Carrying heavy backpacks can cause serious back and neck problems.

Backpack must have padded shoulder straps, backs and padded waist belt for providing ultimate comfort to child; straps must be adjustable so that weight becomes evenly distributed on both shoulders, thus relieving heavy pressure on neck and spine.

While shopping for backpack, consider purchasing one that is small enough and made of lighter material such as nylon but still be able to hold all necessary school supplies. Ergonomic backpacks are quite popular these days as they help in reducing backaches and other health problems.

Different size, styles, designs and colors of backpacks are available in market that suits needs of every school going child. Make sure to choose a bag that is durable, fashionable, convenient and comfortable enough for your child to carry in and around school camp.

Save money while buying school backpacks with use of coupons and promotional codes. Various website merchants offer a range of backpacks in an assortment of designs and styles to suit needs of everyone.

You can even research on Internet and search for best deal at affordable prices. Back to school sale and clearance section are best options for shopping of school backpacks and saving bucks.Visit Here

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